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DSC06616DSC06580Welcome, brand new year. Please don’t bother to wipe your feet at the door – it’s likely that my floor needs a reasonable sweep and a bit of a mop, and that’s OK.

So how did you greet your New Year? We swan and frolicked at Cottesloe Beach, consumed chips and ice cream and bathed in the gentle surf and lovely summer sun. I am currently relishing that feeling of being able to feel and smell the salt and sunscreen on my skin.

I feel that this year will be a big one. You know when you just feel as though you are teetering on the edge of New and Exciting Things? that’s the feeling I get.  This festive season has been a most delightfully relaxing one, with a gentle focus on cleaning and rejuvenating our home over our holidays. As a result, I feel cleansed and open to the year that will unfold.

I do love the fresh new feeling that holds hands with the first day of January, don’t you?


Waterslide Sunday




OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAYesterday, on my way home from a trip to the supermarket, I stopped in at a local second hand shop. Whilst chatting to the owner I spotted a waterslide – made in 1988! – on the top of a shelf. Upon enquiring about the price he said it not for sale and more for show – he liked it because the box looked so outdated. So did I.

A little bargaining and he agreed on a $20 price tag and the assurance that I could return it for a full refund if it was missing anything, as it was open on one end. I figured it was worth a chance (I had been meaning to buy one all summer), and took it home without checking the contents.

Immediately following breakfast this morning Ruben was keen to try it out. We unpacked the box and were most delighted – it had never even been used.  How amazing – 26 years old and never opened.

A lovely sunny Sunday morning spent slipping and sliding on our front lawn. I hope you had a lovely weekend also.




Life & Art

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe days roll by and I find myself amidst a swarm of fresh ideas.

Why do I blog? Why is it sometimes so very difficult to get around to putting thoughts to keyboard? Perhaps it’s just because I have lost my way, so to speak. Maybe it’s time for a new look, a new direction and an opportunity to rethink why I do, what I do.

So there’s going to be more about me, and what I think and feel, on topics that I find most compelling, intriguing or inspiring. I want to share my thoughts on everything from education, consumerism and sustainability to habits and organisation.

But most of all, I want it to be a celebration – relishing the beauty in the everyday, with a focus on daily adventures.

People say that your key theme in any endeavour should be able to be understood by someone within 1 minute when you shout out across a crowded room. That’s a lot of focus, so here goes…

I want to write about Life and Art. Living life and breathing art.

I hope you like it.

Please do feel free to comment – all feedback happily received.

Warm Regards






DSC01502DSC01569One year old.
Every day you make my heart sing.
You are mischievous, boisterous, demanding, stubborn, wilful…  And OH so joyful. Every day you wake up with a beautiful smile and the urge to smother with huge open mouth kisses and shower us with loving headbutts. You love eating, breastfeeding, hugging (and wrestling with) your siblings, and wearing shoes. Your company is just delightful.