A story to share with you today.

Earlier this week, my mother wandered outside to the front yard of her home, to find a Labrador dog in the middle of doing Labrador-dog-business on her lawn.  Standing patiently nearby and holding the dog’s lead was a well-dressed lady, who waited until the dog was finished. My mother is quite house-proud, and a lot of effort goes into maintaining an impeccable front yard. Mum politely but firmly asked the lady if she had any plastic bags with her, to clean up after her dog.  The woman answered “no” but added that if my mum wouldn’t mind getting one then she would do so. Things seemed to be turning out well after all, so mum nipped inside to fetch a plastic bag.  Upon returning and handing the woman the bag, mum waited for her to proceed. Instead, the dog owner politely asked if mum would mind directing her to where the dog poo was because – wait for it – she was blind.
Mortified, and apologising profusely, my mother quickly scooped down with the bag, and cleaned it up herself.  She said that the woman was quite gracious about the situation, and did not attempt to make mum feel guilty. As if she had to…

This encounter made me giggle and then lead me to ponder the encounter a bit further… Isn’t it interesting how we are so entrenched in our own realities, that they cloud our vision and perception to the realities of others?

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