Dwelling Upon

Castaways Sculpture Awards Recycled Art RockinghamRecycled Art Sculptures by the Sea

In our world, on this small corner of the earth, the term “affordable” is spoke of with a wry smile and bathed in a light shade of green; finances are a tad grim.  However, we remain optimistic and appreciate each other and every day.

“Luxury need not have a price – comfort itself is a luxury”  – Geoffrey Beene

This book was given to me by my beautiful step-mother and I am enjoying soaking up bites in between other things.

The more I meditate on the meaning of moderation the more I feel that much joy can be found in living a simple life. Luxuries are affordable; pampering yourself is possible. It all depends on your perspective.

My current luxury is the purchase of fresh cream. A freshly ground black coffee with a huge glug of cream is making me feel incredibly good. Small luxuries, but ones that can be appreciated every day.  Life can be an abundance of good.
Wear your best jewellery. It will make each day grand.

Images taken at Castaways Sculpture Exhibition, featuring recycled art, in Rockingham last month


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