The days slip by as we trundle around doing odd jobs… Life as a full-time mother these past few months has certainly been enlightening. No longer will I ever expect my dear husband to accomplish much over the school holiday periods, when we have the three stepchildren plus our own two little ones to entertain. It probably doesn’t help that we three (myself, Ruben and Adelaide) do not rise until the sun is well and truly up each day. Blessed happy sleepers my two are, it allows plenty of quality time at night with my beloved but little time during the day to actually Get Things Done. Routines are set to change as the Return to Work approaches, however. Fun fun.

I comfort myself with the notion that as long as time is not overly squandered, one cannot really complain. I am trying to appreciate each day for what it is. Today was good because I actually managed to do all of our washing as well as read most of the latest Taproot Magazine. Received a while back, it was misplaced and rediscovered (joy!) this morning.
A dip in the words and images within it and I felt as if I had almost been on a mini holiday. I do so appreciate a magazine that can leave you feeling so beautifully refreshed and energised.


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