Ruben at the RiverAdelaide at the RiverSo, life rolls along. All too quickly, as is oft the case.

Embracing of late:

Fourth birthday preparations underway (his first pet!). The minutiae surrounding kindergarten enrolment to be excited about. Ruben’s love of water in any setting. His ability to amuse himself for hours with knights, Lego men, Power Rangers and rope. And a Mickey Mouse stamp.

Fat thighs and huge smiles and buckets of drool. Adelaide’s generosity with her smiles. She is curious and demanding and oh so beautiful, in all her chubby glory.

The season is shifting and I find myself being drawn to the act of decluttering and simplifying.  (Hard to achieve when you are also drawn to the act of op-shopping on an all too regular basis.)

Inhale, exhale. It’s Spring.


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