Aurorean. Yes I Can.

the moon

As I encounter New Resolutions and To Do lists and Lists of Good Intentions, I reflect on where I am and what I want this year to encompass.

Project: Lightness comes to mind, first and foremost. I am going to make up a calendar (nothing like tracking yourself) to assist in adopting new habits and routines into my daily life. One day at a time, right? The area of focus this month is on home life. Starting with new routines to make sure our little hub is happy. Organisation will be paramount, and I think a few early nights will not go astray. The title of this post is along those lines… I am more of a night owl and morning civility is a real effort. Early nights will hopefully enable me to genuinely embrace sun-up.

Speaking of calendars, I was so excited to win this giveaway. Thank you Em. And Ella! It has allowed for a smooth start to the year, this business of being able to track everyone’s days. Two adults, three teenagers with jobs, two smaller people, and a desire to arrange family outings – all made easier by the calendar. And I am going to frame a couple of the greetings cards. I do so love the clean lines of Scandinavian-inspired design.


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