I See Flowers…

Stumbled across a documentary that featured a rather unusual entry at a flower show… Apparently the rules had been “relaxed” and James May (of Top Gear fame) was allowed to create a “Plasticine Paradise” at the Chelsea Flower Show.

What a STUNNING entry it was.  He invited children, artists and war veterans to contribute and the result was just beautiful.  I know it took place last year, but it’s new to me and hopefully inspirational to a few others.

One of the most amusing parts of the documentary was watching the judges absorbing the bounty of colourful (albeit unreal) flowers in front of them.  “Where are the flowers?” one asked seriously.  James seemed quite bemused that they couldn’t grasp the concept – at all.  He received a 30% handicap due the lack of living plants.  He eventually received a congratulatory medal (which they knocked up overnight for him out of plasticine).  I believe he won the people’s choice award…  Anyway, I found the whole idea just brilliant. Very novel indeed.


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