DSC06616DSC06580Welcome, brand new year. Please don’t bother to wipe your feet at the door – it’s likely that my floor needs a reasonable sweep and a bit of a mop, and that’s OK.

So how did you greet your New Year? We swan and frolicked at Cottesloe Beach, consumed chips and ice cream and bathed in the gentle surf and lovely summer sun. I am currently relishing that feeling of being able to feel and smell the salt and sunscreen on my skin.

I feel that this year will be a big one. You know when you just feel as though you are teetering on the edge of New and Exciting Things? that’s the feeling I get. ¬†This festive season has been a most delightfully relaxing one, with a gentle focus on cleaning and rejuvenating our home over our holidays. As a result, I feel cleansed and open to the year that will unfold.

I do love the fresh new feeling that holds hands with the first day of January, don’t you?


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