Autumn Colours

I have heard that grey is the colour of the season, and while that sounds very sophisticated it tends to strike me as a tad boring.  Why dress and decorate to match the sky?  Where is the bounce in that?  I am pleased to see that some have a difference in opinion.  Hamburger Love talks up green, which I totally adore.

I can happily overlook the fact that she is talking up green “to lure in the spring”.  Green and autumn/winter go hand-in-hand as well.

While on the foreign thing, have I mentioned my newfound love of Norwegian and German blogs?  The more time you spend traversing the great scape of the blogosphere the bigger and more wonderful the palette of inspiration becomes.  Good Luck and Happy Little and Maganda got under my skin yesterday.

So yes, anyway, colours.  Love green.  And still love terrariums.

(how funky are these?!)

Also love yellow, especially when on blue.

And purple.  Who doesn’t think purple just compliments a wet and windy day (as is the case today) just perfectly.

Oh how I wish I owned this.  So sweet.  Why oh why is my birthday nowhere close by?

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