right now

I am

aching  for the warmth of spring that will soon exhale its breath and make the air smell sweet

hoping  to squeeze in a trip to the beach tomorrow (for the first time in months!)

nibbling  on a mint slice as I sip on strong, hot and tasty tea

concocting   a number of art projects in my head (bunting? painting? fimo?) and
wondering  how I will find the time to create them

craving  a new book to become immersed in

trying to avoid  looking up any travel blogs for fear of getting an unaffordable destination stuck in my head

missing  the smell of my baby’s head (work days are tough)


One thought on “right now”

  1. Come on meg, give up hoping,nibbling,concocting,wondering and craving and you will find plenty of time ,start writing books for gifted children. after all you are one and your son is one .put your talent to making little people smile .

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