(Hobby) Farmers? No. We Are Not.

Recently, a couple of my in-laws have been – rather enthusiastically – raising the topic of my husband and I owning a farm.  Now, once we recovered from the laughter that followed (our finances are very far from healthy), I started to ponder what would make them suggest such a thing.  They pointed out that Bean “would love it!”.  Wouldn’t most kids?  Especially boys.  But isn’t the whole great farm living idea much better in theory?  Or at least only for a holiday…

Mo & Bean

My brother and I spent nearly every school holiday on a huge farm in Narrogin, Western Australia.  Herding cattle and sheep, riding horses, watching puppies being born, collecting eggs, riding around in a ute… Fun times. Loved it.

The prospect of actually owning a farm – and please note, we are discussing this in more of a “hobby farm” sort of way – at this point in my life is so not appealing.  Not even in the slightest.  We have four chickens and a vegetable patch and I barely remember to look after them.  (Side note: thank you for keeping our backyard alive, my love.)

It sounds kind of sweet – “oh, we could have a pet sheep!  And call him Dinner!  And a couple of horses!  And a llama!” (admittedly, the llama would be cool.  As would an alpaca.  But that is beside the point).  A few good reasons why this would be an entirely impractical lifestyle choice?  Because it would be a lifestyle.  I barely have the time to drench myself in all the creative projects that are buzzing around inside my brain as it is – and I am pretty sure that having a farm involves a lot of work.   I love the city.  I also love to travel.  A farm does not really fit particularly well into either of these penchants.

Sorry to babble a bit, just needed to air those thoughts.  So, as much as this sweet little boy would love to be outdoors every day and get up close and personal with a range of animal-folk, he will have to suffice with just chickens for now.  And frequent trips to the zoo with his Oma.

{photos by me from our trip North in September 2009}


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