a List and a Long Weekend

On the brink of a long weekend and I am pondering how to spend it.

Ok, a list of things to accomplish:

1. Make ~ and enjoy ~ nutella and banana crepes.  Have a random craving for them.

2. Decorate a certain wall at home.  It’s a big white canvas right now, just begging for a bit of love and enthusiasm.

3. Make a headband. I have just stumbled across this blog and have been ever so inspired.

4. Make some bunting. I love Wanderlust‘s style.  (Must move beyond paper garlands.  But they can be so pretty!)

5. Brainstorm ways that being creative could earn $

6. Take a bunch of photos of our home. And the kids.

7. Try not to go online and spend hours and hours perusing the blogs that I haven’t as yet encountered on this list.

Is 7 a good number?  It’ll do.

{photo by me on a walk in Positano.  don’t you just want want to peek inside?}


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