No Sir! I didn’t see you playing with your dolls again!

How can three days pass so quickly?!  Don’t ask if I have completed all I set out to achieve as per my list on Friday… The answer is a definite no!

I could, at this point, bore you with excuses. But instead, let me just say it was a weekend enjoyed – the highlight of which was hosting my step-daughter’s 14th birthday gathering, which included an outdoor cinema screening of Spaceballs (her fantastic choice). Love a good outdoor movie. Highly recommend it to anyone with the space.  Check out This Vintage Chicas directions.  Ours required champagne, wine, beer, rum balls (aka the “birthday cake”) and party poppers. Lots of fun had by all…  Here is a glimpse of what it looked like – sorry about the quality, but you get the idea…

P.s. Please feel free to ignore the last entry. Mo was being helping with some technical issues and ended up posting some waffle. He amuses himself so… (and me – what blatant self-promotion!)

{quote and photo from Spaceballs. click on the image to head to the source}


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