a Coop and a Hills Hoist

From here on in I am going to aim at making this space a little more personally focused.  Rather than just covering what design and style ideas I like I am going to attempt to weave in more personal stuff, some insight into who I am and what makes up my world. All comments happily received.

Ok, as promised some time ago, here are a few photos of our backyard.

The homemade chicken coop – excellent work by Mo, created using mostly random objects that were sitting haphazardly behind the shed when we moved in…

Bean is very excited whenever he is allowed to feed them, delicately balancing the cup of pellets over to them – then dumping it on their heads.    Another favourite task is fetching the eggs – he is ever so careful carying them back to the house. Four chickens = four eggs a day.  Yum yum.

Ah, little kids and animals. So sweet.

Bean splashing about in his pools beneath the lemon tree. The coop is at the back of the shed, behind the motorbike you can just make out.  The Hills Hoist is another favourite feature – haven’t had one of them since I was a kid.  Very handy.

So that’s a little of our backyard…

Oh, and I updated an older post with a photo – if you wanted to see how our outdoor cinema turned out, head here.


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