Walking in the Rain

On our way to work the roads were dark and the trees glowed in that wet, lush way just after a downpour. Mo and I shared our memories of walking to school in the rain.  A little later he sent me a sweet little note. With his permission, I share it with you –

It made me feel so alive. So incredibly alive. I remember the feel of my

shirt as it clung to my back and sleeves; the dampness in your hair that

you don’t actually know is wet until you touch it; the feeling of cold

fingers; the internal warmth that comes from a long, fast walk; the

contrasts of colours that get highlighted when water adds that sheen to

them; the smell in the air; the feeling that the day is somehow

different, and anything can happen. Getting to school and focussing on

your friends, teachers, maths, English and the myriad other attention

grabbers, while continuing to feel slightly out-of-normal because of the


And if I go back further, I remember walking to school in New Zealand,

and breaking ice on the puddles so I would pick it up and watch it melt.

And gloves, and blowing your breath just to see the steam.

Very fond memories of walking to school in the rain.

{image via Deviant Art}


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