Becoming At Home

We moved in to a new house a few weeks ago.   It is small, old, en route to being demolished and we were lucky enough to have it offered to us rent free (!!) for a year until it is no more.  The luxury of being able to do whatever you wish to a house is quite huge.  The block itself is big, lending itself to a range of different opportunities.  The mulberry tree in the corner of the backyard is so big it is serving as a double carport.

A massive flurry of cleaning and wallpaper-stripping and painting took place – and then we moved in.  We are still in the midst of nesting and making it as cosy as possible, but as corners become sorted I will post some before-and-after photos.  For impressive they shall be…

There are lovely plans for various projects; Mo intends to create a vegetable patch, the kids have an array of paints to splash around (anywhere!)…
More ideas include a massive Inspiration Board (Jordan Clarke has some great suggestions) , a big splotch of blackboard paint in the kitchen, and numerous garlands.
I think there is room for a couple of chickens.  And a toddler-friendly playground – I am really liking the notions in the Places for Play Exhibition, especially this one in Frysja, Norway.

Where to start, where to start…

Ultimately, I hope this new home manages to reflect our family – creative, busy and practical.  We have so many hobbies – from computer games (Lord of the Rings and Sims 3 are the go right now) to badminton (must find a more practical position for the net than between the Hills Hoist – don’t you love them! – and a mandarin tree) to golf (I am hoping to find room for a small putting area) to sewing.  Reflect the family and all our interests – and still manage to have style.  There is the challenge.

This challenge is also made tricky by a couple of other issues – the fact we have basically no spare money, and not enough space to fit in all of our stuff and all four children.   If we were minimalists (that’s a dirty word around these parts) with a healthy budget I would love some of the spaces to look like photographer Rion Nakaya’s – as seen here.  If I were to attempt to cater to both of our tastes I would probably be a little less retro-orientated…   Mo, being a disliker of all things vintage (styles that reflect his childhood are something that should be left in the past, apparently), would probably appreciate something a little more postmodern and earthy.  Minus old-school.  But, like in every happy relationship, there will be certain compromises. Fortunately we do possess simliar tastes in almost everything. (else).

Visit regularly for updates as we (quickly) settle in.


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