“She’s taken to your tools like a little lesbian”

Apologies for my absence.  I’m back!

Projects, projects, projects. Currently I am trying to think creatively whilst penning an award submission for a client… And trying not to be distracted by thoughts of making a lovely memory game like this one or this one for Bean. He’s not old enough, it can wait (the little voices in my head say). Then they are rebuffed with “but it’s good to be prepared…” (shhh voices, I’m busy).

What else is in the pipeline (and where did that phrase originate)? I bought some peg people and am looking forward to finishing their paint jobs. Not quite as abstract as Joel’s, but I do so love his.  Was inspired by Kristi’s boats and made a chain of them for Bean’s room.  Waiting for another rainy day – or a trip to the beach – to test their floatability…
Hard to fit all of this in whilst indulging my Mad Men addiction and watching the third season in record time. (Yes, the title is a quote). Ohhowdelicious. Love love love it. I want to start my wardrobe over – totally inspired by Betty, Peggy and Joan.  Brilliant costume design!

OK back to work.


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