Hello My Pretty

It all started with a glance. Then a prolonged look. And a little feel.  I turned away, walked halfway out of the shop… And before my brain knew what my feet were doing I was back in front of it. Emerald Green. What a spectacular colour. Then, all of a sudden, it was on lay-by.
Now, how to pay for it… Hmmm…

eBay buyer – yes, of course. But eBay seller?  Hmmm… OK!
I had made a vague attempt at rekindling my childhood by asking for a Nintendo DSi for Christmas. Strangely, Mario just wasn’t as exciting as he used to be, and Mr Christmas Present sat neglected for the past few months. Until just recently, when I opted to trade him in. A week later and the deal was done and today I toddled down the road and collected it. Oh hello my pretty. Yes, time to come home.

Isn’t it silly how good a new bag can make you feel?

{image credit – not sure, sorry!}


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