List Lovin’

Things about me.

1.  Getting a tattoo didn’t freak me out anywhere near as much as having an
injection does.

2.  I always notice people’s shoes.

3.  Camping was great as a kid, painful during my late teens/early twenties and now
I am back in love with it again.

4.  I prefer op-shops to shopping malls.

5.  I don’t watch television (except occasionally on DVD).

6.  My normal speaking voice is at just the right pitch to be drowned out in any noisy environment.

7.  I am a planner but rarely manage to complete my lists.

8.  I love double-salted licorice. Especially licorice powder.

9.  My sense of smell is quite strong and decisive. I tend to find this more a burden than an asset.

10. My wedding took me around two phone calls and a few emails to prepare for and it
was perfect. (My husband organised the honeymoon, which took a little more effort. That also turned out perfectly.)

11. I have a soft spot for kawaii.


One thought on “List Lovin’”

  1. i love number three, number six made me totally smile, and number eight makes me want to mail you my favorite mint licorice tea.

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