Glamour. A Girl Needs Glamour.

Our topic of the day is fashion. I am lusting after some new clothes and what better way than to send that out into the universe (in the hope of gaining financial purchasing power) than to post about it.

I just read this post about vintage attire.  Some of the comments are great. This is another great post about modern and retro glamour. Mo and I watched Breakfast at Tiffany’s for the first time this week after reading it – and were both very pleasantly surprised about how much we enjoyed it. The script is really quite clever and dialogue just perfect for the characters. {Side note: the comments on this column are a tad more emotional and I don’t recommend you read them unless you’re ready to have my favourite television show ripped to shreds. }

If you have been a bit regular around these parts you would know that I have a bit of a penchant for vintage etc.  (For the record, I still LOVE this style).  My new desire is to have a mixture of the J.Crew style and a little bit of Juliette Binoche from Chocolat. You know that bright, warm, layered look? I like how “preppy vintage”, being more sombre in colour and shorter in length, can be just as sexy as the lightly feminine and fluffy look as sported by Binoche.

Today finds me dreaming about new clothes and planning to make a few hair bits – I think a range of felt/material flowers bits could be just the thing for the end of winter and to embrace spring. These are pretty, and I like how dainty these ones are.

Anyway, that’s all I really have to say today. Oh, and to point you in the direction of one more cool site – if you haven’t come across it already, Urban Weeds features styles from the streets of Portland. I especially like the way people summarise their “look” – e.g. “I draw from the look and feel of Hitchcock and Italian Giallo films” and “my style is quirky, disheveled, feminine, tomboy”.


3 thoughts on “Glamour. A Girl Needs Glamour.”

  1. Love the post, love the look – but just can’t get past the cloud of smoke. If only my testosterone could overcome my olfactory sensibility, i’d find the photo attractive but alas, it seems i’m just not cut out to appreciate glamour.

    “..quirky, disheveled, feminine, tomboy” nearly gets there though. Thank goodness a boy doesn’t necessarily need glamour – but a boy can ALWAYS appreciate a girl who does.

  2. I almost didn’t use that photo because of the fact she is smoking… But then I decided to because
    a) it’s Courtney Love and she (in many ways) rocks
    b) smoking kind of signifies that modernist idea of sophisticated – although not glamorous anymore, it was once upon a time…
    But thank you for your comment – feedback always happily received.

  3. i read urban weeds too.
    love that photo had no idea it was courtney love until i read your comment.
    the bobby pins are super cute…think i’ll make some too.

    ps. i don’t care if men find vintage sexy…loved the comments from that post.

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