Fearless ness, with some sting and a little sugar


Life.  Indulgence. Love love love.

We have been, as ever, quite busy around our part.  Part?  What a strange little phrase. Our part…  Of our street?  Our lives?  Of our little corner in time and space on this Earth?  Hmn.
But I am getting distracted…

I came across the quote today that I plucked for my subject line and decided that I quite liked the idea (that I envision it purports).  The best way to live is fearlessly; this will no doubt involve a bit of hurt, some joy and ~hopefully~ a lot  of pleasantness in-between.  I can also appreciate the context that it was actually used in – what comprises good taste when it comes to fashion. 
…Spicy and sweet. Boho vintage modern. These I like too.

On a fairly unrelated note, I was sent an article today which I very much enjoyed.  Clever crows.  My favourite part:
“Let your offspring have an extended childhood in a stable and loving home; lead by example; offer positive reinforcement; be patient and persistent; indulge even a near-adult offspring by occasionally popping a fresh cockroach into its mouth; and realize that at any moment a goshawk might swoop down and put an end to the entire pedagogical program”.


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