Spoon Happy



These were a gift that I crafted for someone special for Christmas.  The original plan was to label them with herb names on the back and have them work as markers in their garden…  But I couldn’t bring myself to make them more complex or to have them serve any one particular purpose.

I will probably make some more in the future; I quite like how they turned out. Sweet and simple. I think Bean might enjoy them when he is a teensy bit older and starts getting more into creative role play… and his favourite sayings do not revolve around “sword fight! Sword fight! Hee-yah!”.  No more Pirates of the Caribbean for you, my son.

I was hugely inspired by a very simlar project that I came across somewhere in blogland late last year. I would love to direct you to the originals but, alas, the creator eludes me…  If you know who it was feel free to let me know and I will give credit where credit is due!

Side note: the photo is a little dark; that’s a tree, second from the left, and a rat second from the right.


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