Giving and Obligation

Does all giving come from a place of obligation? 
I think not;  I think you can create something that will require assistance without any notion of obligation involved. 
Michael and I had a heated discussion (mostly fueled by my stubbornness) this morning on our way to work around this topic.
This stemmed from talking about the book I just finished, The Dirty Life, wherein a couple start a large-scale farming operation with a minimal budget and a big dream.   
Michael believes that at some level, however deeply buried, there is an obligation created when people start something that will obviously require others (of the volunteer variety) to lend a hand when required (during harvests, for example).  
This is a concept he dislikes – he believes that to create the need for assistance is constructing a burden (my words) of some form on another.
I think having a positive attitude and a strong belief in what you are doing negates the need to even focus on what I feel to be a criticism of the whole process.  However valid it may be, it is not particularly significant. 
That was my argument.  Isn’t it frustrating when your opinion is based on emotion and the other person’s is on a critical analysis of the situation? 


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