Summer ’12

Welcome back.
(is that directed at me or you?  probably me.  *pat on the back*.  I am going to try and be a tad more regular this year.)
A couple of weeks ago we headed south to our favourite camping spot.   It was a beautiful week.

And yes, in case you noticed; that is not my normal waistline.  Baby #2 (/5) is due in 7 weeks.
2012 is to be a year of new beginnings…

And there are so many things I want to accomplish.

Start surfing (this holiday definitely urged that desire along… Margaret River is a good spot for that).
Actually pick up and learn to tinker on the ukulele that has been gathering dust since purchased on a whim.
Write more.
Sew more.
Take more photos.
And remember to enjoy and savour every day.


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