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a Coop and a Hills Hoist

From here on in I am going to aim at making this space a little more personally focused.  Rather than just covering what design and style ideas I like I am going to attempt to weave in more personal stuff, some insight into who I am and what makes up my world. All comments happily received.

Ok, as promised some time ago, here are a few photos of our backyard.

The homemade chicken coop – excellent work by Mo, created using mostly random objects that were sitting haphazardly behind the shed when we moved in…

Bean is very excited whenever he is allowed to feed them, delicately balancing the cup of pellets over to them – then dumping it on their heads.    Another favourite task is fetching the eggs – he is ever so careful carying them back to the house. Four chickens = four eggs a day.  Yum yum.

Ah, little kids and animals. So sweet.

Bean splashing about in his pools beneath the lemon tree. The coop is at the back of the shed, behind the motorbike you can just make out.  The Hills Hoist is another favourite feature – haven’t had one of them since I was a kid.  Very handy.

So that’s a little of our backyard…

Oh, and I updated an older post with a photo – if you wanted to see how our outdoor cinema turned out, head here.



Must be feeling a little clucky today because all I feel like talking up are eggs. (No groaning please – good art to come!:)

There is something clean and wholesome about the shape of an egg, isn’t there?  It has the whole organic/au naturale thing going on.  It’s fresh, smooth and… Well, to me, it just feels good.

A few egg-inspired products from Etsy:

Oh I love pearls. And silver. And eggs!  Great combination!

Minimalist nature goodness for your table – just a bit sophisticated-hippy?

Love art with a novel basis!

I think my toddler should have these – just because they are so cute to look at!

I love this egg print.  Thinking of making something similar.

And I love the idea of displaying these in a glass jar.  Either decorated or just plain.  Or maybe a cluster of blue ones.

Ahh eggs. Love ’em.

{all pics link to their source}


An Odd Fetish?

I just can’t get enough of abandoned buildings.

Artificial Owl houses a good collection of “abandoned man-made creations” from around the world.  That’s one of their images above. I am pretty sure I stumbled onto this site after reading Sweet Juniper’s delicious post about the Detroit Public Schools book depository/Roosevelt Warehouse. Stories like that make me itch to go there. Photos of Feral Houses, also by Sweet Juniper, make me want to head overseas and snap happy on a roadtrip. You certainly don’t find such sights here.

Is it a little unsettling that I think a collage of these photos would make for a stunning feature?  If you feel the same, the photographer donates a significant proportion of the sales to charity. Check it out here.

Another site that had me exceptionally excited was Forbidden Places. I find it hard to draw myself from photos of places in such derelict condition…  Something about them intrigues me. Hugely. They were the stage for so many stories, so much life… Once upon a time.


A Few Loves

I like this (per photo above) for a table set up.  Colourful food packaging meets a bit of greenery.

This girl has a very cool writing style.  I think she would be a lot of fun to hang out with. Check out her toy terrariums.

My new obsession.  Crave crave crave.

I know it’s pretty popular, but I just love this shower curtain.  It makes me smile every time I see it in blogland. Why no Anthropologie in Australia, why?! (Yes, I know they sell online, but touching is better than nothing when you can’t afford it:)

Must improve vocabulary – starting with all 100 of these words.

I haven’t been to the shop but oh my what a sitelove this method of creating a theme. Travellers & Magicians is my current favourite.  Sibella – you rock.


No Sir! I didn’t see you playing with your dolls again!

How can three days pass so quickly?!  Don’t ask if I have completed all I set out to achieve as per my list on Friday… The answer is a definite no!

I could, at this point, bore you with excuses. But instead, let me just say it was a weekend enjoyed – the highlight of which was hosting my step-daughter’s 14th birthday gathering, which included an outdoor cinema screening of Spaceballs (her fantastic choice). Love a good outdoor movie. Highly recommend it to anyone with the space.  Check out This Vintage Chicas directions.  Ours required champagne, wine, beer, rum balls (aka the “birthday cake”) and party poppers. Lots of fun had by all…  Here is a glimpse of what it looked like – sorry about the quality, but you get the idea…

P.s. Please feel free to ignore the last entry. Mo was being helping with some technical issues and ended up posting some waffle. He amuses himself so… (and me – what blatant self-promotion!)

{quote and photo from Spaceballs. click on the image to head to the source}


a List and a Long Weekend

On the brink of a long weekend and I am pondering how to spend it.

Ok, a list of things to accomplish:

1. Make ~ and enjoy ~ nutella and banana crepes.  Have a random craving for them.

2. Decorate a certain wall at home.  It’s a big white canvas right now, just begging for a bit of love and enthusiasm.

3. Make a headband. I have just stumbled across this blog and have been ever so inspired.

4. Make some bunting. I love Wanderlust‘s style.  (Must move beyond paper garlands.  But they can be so pretty!)

5. Brainstorm ways that being creative could earn $

6. Take a bunch of photos of our home. And the kids.

7. Try not to go online and spend hours and hours perusing the blogs that I haven’t as yet encountered on this list.

Is 7 a good number?  It’ll do.

{photo by me on a walk in Positano.  don’t you just want want to peek inside?}


A Corner of my Home

I quite like the look of garlands draped over a picture, don’t you? And what a better poster than Amélie. Love that movie!.  So yes, this is a corner of our home. The lighthouse on the mantle was my latest swap meet treasure.  The Barbie Lego Pirate Ship was a piece Michael and I put together for the most recent family art show.  The theme was Classics and Icons. The Sydney Opera House was another entry, created by Michael’s mother out of Vegemite.  We won it in the auction afterwards.  The dinosaurs are Ruben’s.  Anyone else guilty of borrowing their children’s toys as ornaments?  They can add such a cute detail.