(Hobby) Farmers? No. We Are Not.

Recently, a couple of my in-laws have been – rather enthusiastically – raising the topic of my husband and I owning a farm.  Now, once we recovered from the laughter that followed (our finances are very far from healthy), I started to ponder what would make them suggest such a thing.  They pointed out that Bean “would love it!”.  Wouldn’t most kids?  Especially boys.  But isn’t the whole great farm living idea much better in theory?  Or at least only for a holiday…

Mo & Bean

My brother and I spent nearly every school holiday on a huge farm in Narrogin, Western Australia.  Herding cattle and sheep, riding horses, watching puppies being born, collecting eggs, riding around in a ute… Fun times. Loved it.

The prospect of actually owning a farm – and please note, we are discussing this in more of a “hobby farm” sort of way – at this point in my life is so not appealing.  Not even in the slightest.  We have four chickens and a vegetable patch and I barely remember to look after them.  (Side note: thank you for keeping our backyard alive, my love.)

It sounds kind of sweet – “oh, we could have a pet sheep!  And call him Dinner!  And a couple of horses!  And a llama!” (admittedly, the llama would be cool.  As would an alpaca.  But that is beside the point).  A few good reasons why this would be an entirely impractical lifestyle choice?  Because it would be a lifestyle.  I barely have the time to drench myself in all the creative projects that are buzzing around inside my brain as it is – and I am pretty sure that having a farm involves a lot of work.   I love the city.  I also love to travel.  A farm does not really fit particularly well into either of these penchants.

Sorry to babble a bit, just needed to air those thoughts.  So, as much as this sweet little boy would love to be outdoors every day and get up close and personal with a range of animal-folk, he will have to suffice with just chickens for now.  And frequent trips to the zoo with his Oma.

{photos by me from our trip North in September 2009}


Tumbledown Mansion Love

Stumbled across this (old) article on The New York Times about Grey Gardens.  How stunning is that house!  Love successful restoration projects!  Must say though, I am almost more attracted to it when it was all ramshackle and old.  Love a good derelict house.

{image above from here}

I heard vague things about the more recent film but never managed to watch it. Have been newly inspired to watch the original documentary and the 2009 movie… The Beales sound intriguing, don’t they!

This is an interesting design idea, courtesy of Little Edie

A light bulb in a birdcage over the bed.   Quirky.  I like it.


Ahoy Matey

Love pirates.  If I suffered less from seasickness, had more of a plundering sort of mentality and was happy to roll around the high seas as a fugitive, I would definitely embrace this lifestyle.  Currently in the midst of reading Treasure Island and The Republic of Pirates: Being the True and Inspiring Story of the Caribbean Pirates and the Man Who Brought Them Down. Highly recommend the latter for a fantastic account of the original fortune hunting, globe trotting, seafaring swashbucklers.

Some Flickr finds…

“A bento tribute to pregnancy tests. (Remember, pirates are wild)”. (teehee).

And as far as pirate inspired interiors go, this Sneak Peak at Sibella Court’s abode made me ever so jealous.  Love it.

Have a thing for rubber stamps? Create your own treasure map with these. Very cute.

And to really get in the mood, pop on some very cool pirate tunes.  Try not to start swaggering…

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Adoring Vintage

My style(/s) have always wavered depending on my mood.  Vintage has always played a small part, but until just now I have never adored it so much.  (Even though the term Vintage actually appears to include anything from the 1800’s up to 1980’s, it makes it easy to love at least bits of it…)

Makes me want to edit my wardrobe and decor and start embracing vintage to a new level.  Op shops, swap meets, here I come…

The Humming Bird Girls = very pretty stuff.

The Snail and the Cyclops.  She has some beautiful, beautiful clothes!

I must say, my vintage love was also very inspired after consuming Season 1 of Mad Men.  OOooh retro goodness.  (Love the clothes, not won over by the decor though).

After perusing these styles for a while today it has become apparent that a Hybrid Vintage is in order.  Take the 1960’s wiggle skirt/flouncy look

(bring back hats and gloves I say)

and pair it against a backdrop of postmodern… Check out this home that Design Sponge featured, and maybe a little of this home – the first photo of the kitchen is so lovely! And this couch, print and lamp combination is just stunning.

Love the flags. And the lamp shade!  Not sure where I found this picture though… Let me know if you do!

So take these lovely settings… Add a little splash of “real” vintage decor…

And you could create something very, very spectacular.  Let’s call it a Vintopomo… Or maybe a Pomovitage…

Sounds like it could be an interesting season for me…

p.s.  this blog is good to too!

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Autumn Colours

I have heard that grey is the colour of the season, and while that sounds very sophisticated it tends to strike me as a tad boring.  Why dress and decorate to match the sky?  Where is the bounce in that?  I am pleased to see that some have a difference in opinion.  Hamburger Love talks up green, which I totally adore.

I can happily overlook the fact that she is talking up green “to lure in the spring”.  Green and autumn/winter go hand-in-hand as well.

While on the foreign thing, have I mentioned my newfound love of Norwegian and German blogs?  The more time you spend traversing the great scape of the blogosphere the bigger and more wonderful the palette of inspiration becomes.  Good Luck and Happy Little and Maganda got under my skin yesterday.

So yes, anyway, colours.  Love green.  And still love terrariums.

(how funky are these?!)

Also love yellow, especially when on blue.

And purple.  Who doesn’t think purple just compliments a wet and windy day (as is the case today) just perfectly.

Oh how I wish I owned this.  So sweet.  Why oh why is my birthday nowhere close by?

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Stripey Goodness

Inspired by our freshly painted back door (photos to come), today I would like to dedicate a post to stripes.

I believe stripes equate to a basket of style.  Oodles and oodles of style.  Generally, I not a huge fan of the nautical theme – no matter how “fresh” it can get.  Having said that, it tickles my fancy occasionally… Especially when it relates to children’s decor.  I mean, how cool would this be if you were a kid?

So, who loves to get stripetacular?

French women…




(I actually quite like this as an image – maybe it could work as wall art… Hmmm…)

And, as you are no doubt well aware, interior designers love it…

When is the last time you embraced a stripe or two?

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