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today i feel that the most challenging aspects to life are generally the ones where you feel as if you should be making decisions.
be doing something.
something more than just this.
but what to do… i weigh up the pros and cons of the different routes i could wander. and am left feeling as if i am missing more.
there has to be more to be considered. in which direction do you go if you don’t feel you are on your path yet?
something creative. something

{image from fishgirl17 @ flickr}


An Odd Fetish?

I just can’t get enough of abandoned buildings.

Artificial Owl houses a good collection of “abandoned man-made creations” from around the world.  That’s one of their images above. I am pretty sure I stumbled onto this site after reading Sweet Juniper’s delicious post about the Detroit Public Schools book depository/Roosevelt Warehouse. Stories like that make me itch to go there. Photos of Feral Houses, also by Sweet Juniper, make me want to head overseas and snap happy on a roadtrip. You certainly don’t find such sights here.

Is it a little unsettling that I think a collage of these photos would make for a stunning feature?  If you feel the same, the photographer donates a significant proportion of the sales to charity. Check it out here.

Another site that had me exceptionally excited was Forbidden Places. I find it hard to draw myself from photos of places in such derelict condition…  Something about them intrigues me. Hugely. They were the stage for so many stories, so much life… Once upon a time.