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rain rain stay and play

It is a beautiful autumn day.  It’s raining!  Such an occurrence feels so unusual after a summer here.  In a city that boasts “300 days of sunshine a year”, suddenly everyone is relishing being able to wear layers and carry umbrellas. Love it.

I think the colder seasons require bursts of colour.  I love the bright blooms by emersonmade. The cooler seasons always require a burst of colour. I can picture a number of outfits that could do with a dose of cheerful, flowery goodness.

And I love a good umbrella.



Must be feeling a little clucky today because all I feel like talking up are eggs. (No groaning please – good art to come!:)

There is something clean and wholesome about the shape of an egg, isn’t there?  It has the whole organic/au naturale thing going on.  It’s fresh, smooth and… Well, to me, it just feels good.

A few egg-inspired products from Etsy:

Oh I love pearls. And silver. And eggs!  Great combination!

Minimalist nature goodness for your table – just a bit sophisticated-hippy?

Love art with a novel basis!

I think my toddler should have these – just because they are so cute to look at!

I love this egg print.  Thinking of making something similar.

And I love the idea of displaying these in a glass jar.  Either decorated or just plain.  Or maybe a cluster of blue ones.

Ahh eggs. Love ’em.

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A Few Loves

I like this (per photo above) for a table set up.  Colourful food packaging meets a bit of greenery.

This girl has a very cool writing style.  I think she would be a lot of fun to hang out with. Check out her toy terrariums.

My new obsession.  Crave crave crave.

I know it’s pretty popular, but I just love this shower curtain.  It makes me smile every time I see it in blogland. Why no Anthropologie in Australia, why?! (Yes, I know they sell online, but touching is better than nothing when you can’t afford it:)

Must improve vocabulary – starting with all 100 of these words.

I haven’t been to the shop but oh my what a sitelove this method of creating a theme. Travellers & Magicians is my current favourite.  Sibella – you rock.