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A Brand New One

A new year and a fresh start. Apologies for the absence. That would be the new job; just a tad stressful and time consuming. But excuses wear thin and I don’t want to have them hold me back from doing things I like.
Such as keeping you updated on… Things.

Did you have a lovely festive season?  I did.  It’s all about the family at this time of year. House feels as if it is bursting at the seams with all four kiddies running around.  Well, it’s mostly the 2 year old doing the running; the tween and teenagers are too hot and bored for such activity, attempting movement only when the littlest threatens them with (amongst many giggles) head-to-head combat.

So we are off camping in a couple of days down South. Same place as before.  I was just printing out some origami instructions ~ hopefully not a vain attempt to keep said children (+1 more, coming along for the ride) entertained ~ whilst we (Mo and I) attempt to do as little as possible (i.e. read and swim and little else).

The origami had me thinking of the last couple of things I had made… I think I might have mentioned previously that I was inspired by Kristi‘s efforts a little while ago.  Must say, the boats were very enjoyable to make. They are hanging in front of their window.  The wall installation was inspired by a wedding reception – I think from Design Sponge?  It’s a few months old now, made at the previous job (where I was nowhere near as busy). The fish I did ages ago, to hang over Bean’s bed when he was a babe. Somehow they’re still around; I do quite like paper ornaments.
Speaking of crafting – I made some bunting for our Pirate Christmas Party. Must show you some photos of them soon. 

Very warm (literally – it was a 40 degree day today) new years wishes to you all.


Hello My Pretty

It all started with a glance. Then a prolonged look. And a little feel.  I turned away, walked halfway out of the shop… And before my brain knew what my feet were doing I was back in front of it. Emerald Green. What a spectacular colour. Then, all of a sudden, it was on lay-by.
Now, how to pay for it… Hmmm…

eBay buyer – yes, of course. But eBay seller?  Hmmm… OK!
I had made a vague attempt at rekindling my childhood by asking for a Nintendo DSi for Christmas. Strangely, Mario just wasn’t as exciting as he used to be, and Mr Christmas Present sat neglected for the past few months. Until just recently, when I opted to trade him in. A week later and the deal was done and today I toddled down the road and collected it. Oh hello my pretty. Yes, time to come home.

Isn’t it silly how good a new bag can make you feel?

{image credit – not sure, sorry!}


Part Precious Metal, Part Pirate

I have a confession. I splurged.  But only a little. I bought a new book on our date night on Tuesday. We went to our favourite bookstore and spent more time apart than together. (Our preferred genres are not really in the same realm). Which was fine, being as we were both immersed in our own little bits of heaven… (Visiting a bookstore is a far more enjoyable an experience sans toddler!). We were going to get coffee afterwards but given I blew our (non-existent) budget we just headed home. Which was fine, as I had in my clutches the extraordinarily beautiful book that I have been coveting for ages. No take-away and a few budget cuts this week, but oh my. Definitely worth it. Love that Sibella can make you think creatively with what you already have in your possession.  Re-purpose, re-evaluate and to absorb inspiration from everything. I can work with that…

Designer interior land here I come.

(a mosquito net as backdrop? theatrical, warm and oh so medieval charming)

“She’s taken to your tools like a little lesbian”

Apologies for my absence.  I’m back!

Projects, projects, projects. Currently I am trying to think creatively whilst penning an award submission for a client… And trying not to be distracted by thoughts of making a lovely memory game like this one or this one for Bean. He’s not old enough, it can wait (the little voices in my head say). Then they are rebuffed with “but it’s good to be prepared…” (shhh voices, I’m busy).

What else is in the pipeline (and where did that phrase originate)? I bought some peg people and am looking forward to finishing their paint jobs. Not quite as abstract as Joel’s, but I do so love his.  Was inspired by Kristi’s boats and made a chain of them for Bean’s room.  Waiting for another rainy day – or a trip to the beach – to test their floatability…
Hard to fit all of this in whilst indulging my Mad Men addiction and watching the third season in record time. (Yes, the title is a quote). Ohhowdelicious. Love love love it. I want to start my wardrobe over – totally inspired by Betty, Peggy and Joan.  Brilliant costume design!

OK back to work.


Sunday was Beach Day

One of the highlights of living in this little city is the weather. It’s the middle of winter and yet Bean can still run around on the beach barefoot. Gotta love that.

This is our favourite bit of the (city) coastline and it is such a pleasure to see our child find so much joy on these shores. Collecting shells and poking at seaweed provides endless hours of fascination. Just beautiful.


Adventure Dreaming

Over the past couple of weeks I have found my perspectives altering. A slow shift in paradigm; my consciousness around the concept of “ownership” has become forefront in my mind.

I think it stemmed from the conversations Mo and I had after visiting the antique/second hand stores, when we left with our eyes and hearts full of a delicious array of old treasures.

As I grow older and those around me take great joy in their home ownership and chattels, I find myself less and less inclined to want to lead a life that focuses on the excess, these exercises in indulgence…  I find myself questioning how satisfied I will be if I live my life this way.  Given that we only have one life to live, why do so many place so much importance on material goods?

The idea of striving to own and fill a house with belongings, while traveling infrequently, scares me immensely. Those sorts of priorities feel all wrong.  Don’t misinterpret though; if you have read previous posts you will be well aware that I can appreciate beautiful home wares just as much as the next person.  But. But…

Is it the fact I am approaching 30 and feel as though I need to start being serious in how I chalk out my future?  The future of our life together?  The future of our child?

The more I think about it the more inclined I am to want to live the life of a gypsy. Well, without the illegal means of supporting oneself.  A nomad.  A rover, a rambler, a wanderer…

I want to lead a migratory existence.
Fortunately, so does my husband. Unfortunately, it will take us a number of years to break even financially before we can even consider flying free. Broke, but free…  I want adventure. I want to have my child grow up outside this idea of what is “normal”.

At least that gives me plenty of time to work on how we can fund such as existence.  Where there is a will, there is a way.  Just need to work out how.


Walking in the Rain

On our way to work the roads were dark and the trees glowed in that wet, lush way just after a downpour. Mo and I shared our memories of walking to school in the rain.  A little later he sent me a sweet little note. With his permission, I share it with you –

It made me feel so alive. So incredibly alive. I remember the feel of my

shirt as it clung to my back and sleeves; the dampness in your hair that

you don’t actually know is wet until you touch it; the feeling of cold

fingers; the internal warmth that comes from a long, fast walk; the

contrasts of colours that get highlighted when water adds that sheen to

them; the smell in the air; the feeling that the day is somehow

different, and anything can happen. Getting to school and focussing on

your friends, teachers, maths, English and the myriad other attention

grabbers, while continuing to feel slightly out-of-normal because of the


And if I go back further, I remember walking to school in New Zealand,

and breaking ice on the puddles so I would pick it up and watch it melt.

And gloves, and blowing your breath just to see the steam.

Very fond memories of walking to school in the rain.

{image via Deviant Art}


a Coop and a Hills Hoist

From here on in I am going to aim at making this space a little more personally focused.  Rather than just covering what design and style ideas I like I am going to attempt to weave in more personal stuff, some insight into who I am and what makes up my world. All comments happily received.

Ok, as promised some time ago, here are a few photos of our backyard.

The homemade chicken coop – excellent work by Mo, created using mostly random objects that were sitting haphazardly behind the shed when we moved in…

Bean is very excited whenever he is allowed to feed them, delicately balancing the cup of pellets over to them – then dumping it on their heads.    Another favourite task is fetching the eggs – he is ever so careful carying them back to the house. Four chickens = four eggs a day.  Yum yum.

Ah, little kids and animals. So sweet.

Bean splashing about in his pools beneath the lemon tree. The coop is at the back of the shed, behind the motorbike you can just make out.  The Hills Hoist is another favourite feature – haven’t had one of them since I was a kid.  Very handy.

So that’s a little of our backyard…

Oh, and I updated an older post with a photo – if you wanted to see how our outdoor cinema turned out, head here.


No Sir! I didn’t see you playing with your dolls again!

How can three days pass so quickly?!  Don’t ask if I have completed all I set out to achieve as per my list on Friday… The answer is a definite no!

I could, at this point, bore you with excuses. But instead, let me just say it was a weekend enjoyed – the highlight of which was hosting my step-daughter’s 14th birthday gathering, which included an outdoor cinema screening of Spaceballs (her fantastic choice). Love a good outdoor movie. Highly recommend it to anyone with the space.  Check out This Vintage Chicas directions.  Ours required champagne, wine, beer, rum balls (aka the “birthday cake”) and party poppers. Lots of fun had by all…  Here is a glimpse of what it looked like – sorry about the quality, but you get the idea…

P.s. Please feel free to ignore the last entry. Mo was being helping with some technical issues and ended up posting some waffle. He amuses himself so… (and me – what blatant self-promotion!)

{quote and photo from Spaceballs. click on the image to head to the source}


A Corner of my Home

I quite like the look of garlands draped over a picture, don’t you? And what a better poster than Amélie. Love that movie!.  So yes, this is a corner of our home. The lighthouse on the mantle was my latest swap meet treasure.  The Barbie Lego Pirate Ship was a piece Michael and I put together for the most recent family art show.  The theme was Classics and Icons. The Sydney Opera House was another entry, created by Michael’s mother out of Vegemite.  We won it in the auction afterwards.  The dinosaurs are Ruben’s.  Anyone else guilty of borrowing their children’s toys as ornaments?  They can add such a cute detail.