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A Corner of my Home

I quite like the look of garlands draped over a picture, don’t you? And what a better poster than Amélie. Love that movie!.  So yes, this is a corner of our home. The lighthouse on the mantle was my latest swap meet treasure.  The Barbie Lego Pirate Ship was a piece Michael and I put together for the most recent family art show.  The theme was Classics and Icons. The Sydney Opera House was another entry, created by Michael’s mother out of Vegemite.  We won it in the auction afterwards.  The dinosaurs are Ruben’s.  Anyone else guilty of borrowing their children’s toys as ornaments?  They can add such a cute detail.


Friday Five

As I revel in the beautfy of autumn ~ on this 32 degrees Celsius day ~ I sit here contemplating what really makes me happy.

Lists make me happy.

So how about I make a list of the things that make me happy…  Makes sense in a roundabout sort of way, doesn’t it?  So, in no particular order, here we go.

1. Art.

It amazes me how certain artists can touch, move and inspire me to such a degree.  How can a picture make you feel so good?

2. Humour

Laughter is so very important.

3. Stylin’ Organisation

A collection of books arranged by colour is very visually appealing.   I quite like this idea.  Not entirely practical, which goes against a few of my design principles, but I am almost willing to overlook these issues on the basis of aesthetics. (My husband would not be surprised by this stance:).

4.  Felt

Ahh, felty goodness.  Makes me want to curl up with bunch of it and some thread, tea and time.

5. The thought of my husband and son at home, right now, playing together.

A little soppy I know, but the thought tugs at my heart strings.

Well, that was kind of fun.  Maybe I aim to make this a sort of weekly ritual.  Friday sounds like a good day to round up a list…

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