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Ruben: Loving the water. We leapt over, crashed through and dived under the waves today and it was so much fun.

Adelaide: How incredibly beautiful babies can be when they are snoozing peacefully. (And how incredibly difficult it can be sometimes to have them reach the point of such relaxation.)




Last month Ruben turned 4.

Four feels so big. I have revelled in mama-awe while watching his development curve; every day  his language skills and thought processes impress me. It feels as if all this curiosity and zest bounces around inside his little body and just overflows in delightful waves.

Ruben loves concocting stories and games with his toys. Pirates, knights, soldiers, and a random assortment of op-shop finds and hand-me-downs can entertain him for hours of solo play. Dressing up is frequent – he loves masks and usually completes an outfit with his ninja (ugg) boots. He loves playing outside, especially if there is water involved. Highlights of his week include wrestling with his 14 year old half-sibling, whom he adores, and the days he and Adelaide spend with their grandparents.

His reverence for his baby sister is fierce and overwhelms him at times, but oh it’s good hearty love.

Ruben prefers raw vegetables to cooked, and had great difficulty deciding between chocolate cake or carrot cake for his birthday party. His favourite presents are the guinea pigs – named Wombaty and Mi Mi Mi (named after, when queried, “the little baby from Austin Powers”.  We have attempted to correct him but to no avail – the name stuck).

Favourite quotes this week:
Whilst saying goodnight.
Ruben: Can you please pass me my water?
Me (from the doorway): I think you can reach it.
Ruben: But mama, please… I came out of your uterus!
(Too cute. I fetched it for him.)

A couple of days later.
Ruben: Adelaide came out of your tummy. Oh no, your uterus. She was born!
Me: You were born the same way.
Ruben: Yes I was.
Me: Do you remember being born?
Ruben: Yes I do. I never want to do that again.
(No clue as to where that came from. Amusing nonetheless.)

I so look forward to the years to come but I am sad for the years past. It’s such a hard thing to sit with; the way your children grow.

Side note: the banner was planned months ago, started at 4pm the night before his birthday and completed by 2am.  A handmade touch that will feature in many birthdays to come.


Mulberry Magic

As previously mentioned. the mulberry tree is about to go crazy.

This tree is about two stories tall and about as wide. When we moved in it was a solid green monstrous mass, occupying a huge amount of the backyard. The branches were so weighed down they crept along the ground. It took a chainsaw to reign it in and we even discovered a shed beneath it.

Ruben and I chat about it’s ethereal quality as we work our way through The Magic Faraway Tree, his current favourite. His new found enthusiasm for a chapter based book is delightful. I do so hope his love of books is something that he embraces for a long time to come.

Side note: one of his current sayings that tickles my happy bone – “sharing is care bears”.


Family Triangles

Being a novice in the world of sewing, I am tackling projects that are simple yet pleasurable. This little set of flags now adorns Adelaide’s corner.

She turns 6 months old today. Her beaming smile and emphatic expressions tend to engage all those within close – and not so close – proximity. Today I walked outside to see her sitting proudly on the grass with her siblings and, for the first time, I paused and watched, resisting the urge to put a cushion behind her. And she was fine. Every day a new development.

I stumbled upon this site yesterday so I thought I would look around me today and do a little of my own. Today I am grateful that that this little soul, and Ruben, are surrounded by a brother and sisters that revel in such progress.

While alternative family structures can get a bad rap, especially when it comes to influencing young children, it is heartwarming to see the benefits that can stem from them.


Winter Beach

Cottesloe Beach in WinterCottesloe Beach in WinterIt’s been a chilly week here in Perth but we still found our way to the beach a couple of times. My new way to combat being slightly overwhelmed with children’s antics on the homefront is to get out of the house. It really does work wonders for one’s sanity. Nothing like a bit of sea and salt to cleanse the mind.

Cottesloe Beach in Winter

Sea sponge collection

Cottesloe Beach in Winter



Where the big Angus roam

My brother and I lived it up every school holidays for years on a large farm just outside of Narrogin.  This week we headed back there.

farm in narrogin

It was such a delight to the senses.  They still breed Angus cattle and horses, and the sights and smells of the country immediately brought on a whole array of memories. I was so pleased that my brother was there to wander down memory lane.  Ruben enjoyed himself immensely as well. I think we might need to return again soon.



Boy in rain

baby girl

The kinderen today.  A deliciously wet day in our {usually} fair city. Makes for a rather special occasion around these parts. Ruben had a brilliant time racing from puddle to puddle in our backyard, and Adelaide sported her first dress.
{Is it just me or do dresses on babies seem a bit odd?}
I intended for this post to just feature Ruben modeling the outfit he chose… However, upon opening the back door and seeing the size of the puddles, I soon realised my pleas to keep his {only clean pair} of jeans dry were going to be in vain.
It took him approximately 5 minutes to have water from the inside of his gumboots to halfway up his jacket.
I love having a boy.



Family Holidays in the Australian Bush

Family Holidays in the Australian Bush

One must love family with rural properties.  The {recently purchased} property is 116 acres of scrubby bushland situated a couple of hours drive from our home.  This being our fourth visit in as many months, one would have to assume that it is a winner with our {very extended} family.  Recent additions include two lambs, two peacocks and 25 guinea fowl.  The llamas are on their way.

Ruben was quite taken with the lambs; his gentle side can be so sweet to witness.  Which contrasts nicely to the hours he spent with a friend and his cousins, armed with a toy chainsaw, attempting to cut down trees.