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After a natural, 10 hour labour she popped out to greet the world.  I had prepared myself for another boy; surprise surprise… A beautiful little girl.
6 hours later, as the clock was readying to strike midnight, we were home.
Not a bad effort, for a 16 hour hospital stint, not all of that unpleasant.

Thank you to the very kind Jodi who provided support and tips on how to turn a breech baby. This brand new wee lady was quite the active one.   I swam a lot in the week before her birth and tried positive mantras (stress levels were very high as a cesarean was very low on my bucket list).  She managed to come around to my way of thinking though, and the birth went smoothly.

At just over two weeks old she has charmed everyone around her.
A girl.  Well I’ll be.


Oh the Water

Love this time of year.

Despite being shore-bound when the swell is too large (funny how your protective instincts over the belly surface when you least expect).

Ruben has embraced the water most enthusiastically of late. Such joy on his little face. It just melts your heart.

p.s. The swimming vest is a winner.


Summer ’12

Welcome back.
(is that directed at me or you?  probably me.  *pat on the back*.  I am going to try and be a tad more regular this year.)
A couple of weeks ago we headed south to our favourite camping spot.   It was a beautiful week.

And yes, in case you noticed; that is not my normal waistline.  Baby #2 (/5) is due in 7 weeks.
2012 is to be a year of new beginnings…

And there are so many things I want to accomplish.

Start surfing (this holiday definitely urged that desire along… Margaret River is a good spot for that).
Actually pick up and learn to tinker on the ukulele that has been gathering dust since purchased on a whim.
Write more.
Sew more.
Take more photos.
And remember to enjoy and savour every day.


“Camping” Summer Style


Ok, so not really camping camping.

We left the tent(/s) behind this adventure – choosing instead lightness and freedom (from a trailer), spoiling ourselves with a cedar wood cabin…  Does it count as camping if you have to use the campground bathrooms? Suuure it does.

It was simple, comfortable and ~ relatively ~ peaceful. 
Well, as peaceful as you can get with 5 kids.
All up, it was very, very pleasant. 

I feel so balanced when I’m close to the ocean.  Especially when I am in the ocean.  Which I was. Quite a bit. 


A Brand New One

A new year and a fresh start. Apologies for the absence. That would be the new job; just a tad stressful and time consuming. But excuses wear thin and I don’t want to have them hold me back from doing things I like.
Such as keeping you updated on… Things.

Did you have a lovely festive season?  I did.  It’s all about the family at this time of year. House feels as if it is bursting at the seams with all four kiddies running around.  Well, it’s mostly the 2 year old doing the running; the tween and teenagers are too hot and bored for such activity, attempting movement only when the littlest threatens them with (amongst many giggles) head-to-head combat.

So we are off camping in a couple of days down South. Same place as before.  I was just printing out some origami instructions ~ hopefully not a vain attempt to keep said children (+1 more, coming along for the ride) entertained ~ whilst we (Mo and I) attempt to do as little as possible (i.e. read and swim and little else).

The origami had me thinking of the last couple of things I had made… I think I might have mentioned previously that I was inspired by Kristi‘s efforts a little while ago.  Must say, the boats were very enjoyable to make. They are hanging in front of their window.  The wall installation was inspired by a wedding reception – I think from Design Sponge?  It’s a few months old now, made at the previous job (where I was nowhere near as busy). The fish I did ages ago, to hang over Bean’s bed when he was a babe. Somehow they’re still around; I do quite like paper ornaments.
Speaking of crafting – I made some bunting for our Pirate Christmas Party. Must show you some photos of them soon. 

Very warm (literally – it was a 40 degree day today) new years wishes to you all.