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Education Considerations

Ahh the joys of being a parent; deciding on the best route via which to educate your child. I have been inspired by all the home-schooling blogging mamas out there, but due to financial constraints and my lack of patience I think it would be advisable to send Bean to school… Starting with pre-school {obviously} as he is only 18 months old. (Side note: don’t you just love this age when they start to come out with a new word every couple of hours? Heartwarming stuff.)

So yes, anyway. Being a Montessori child myself I hold their philosophies in high regard…  Bean is booked into a Montessori centre from 3 years (they only take kiddies 2.5 yrs +). But today a friend directed me towards the Reggio Emilia Approach – sounds interesting.  I have ordered this book and made an appointment to check out the local childhood centre that specialises in this style of education. Has anyone come across them before?


The Filling Nature of Visual Consumption

Mo and I went hunting over the weekend for a chair to go with the uber cool, second-hand activity desk we found for Bean. We zeroed in on a few little upmarket second-hand shops that we hadn’t been to before, hoping to score a random bargain.  Unfortunately, not only were the objects way over our budget – but all of the stores were overflowing with drop-dead gorgeous things.  From globes to typewriters, wine barrels to travel trunks, antique wooden crates to hat stands… We fell in love with item after item.

As we drove home, we discussed how we actually felt good about not having bought anything.  This led to the idea that perhaps there is a more sustainable, integrity-driven way to live than than to succumb to the urge of possession whenever you see something that you really like.

“In the future luxury goods
will be methods that bring us
back the power of our
own attention: the power

to choose ourselves what
we want to notice or not.
And there lies the true
luxury of the future, to be
able to resist shopping
and still be happy.”

Can we be happy about accepting that shopping is not a lifestyle?

The lack of consciousness around consumption is beginning to bug me more and more.  I realise that consumers are taking a significant interest in the origins and ethics behind the production of the goods that are being purchased; but when is enough enough?  Retail therapy is not a good thing.  Why do we feel that it is important to own something in order to fully appreciate it?  The notion of being satisfied just from consuming something visually is kind of where I was going with the title of this post. The problem with this is, obviously, that there is still consumption involved.  But baby steps here. Especially here in the blogosphere, where we all love a good gander at beautiful fashion and aesthetically stunning objects…

Have a read of the David Report – I Shop Therefor I Am. I am going to ponder this for a little while. To be continued.


Walking in the Rain

On our way to work the roads were dark and the trees glowed in that wet, lush way just after a downpour. Mo and I shared our memories of walking to school in the rain.  A little later he sent me a sweet little note. With his permission, I share it with you –

It made me feel so alive. So incredibly alive. I remember the feel of my

shirt as it clung to my back and sleeves; the dampness in your hair that

you don’t actually know is wet until you touch it; the feeling of cold

fingers; the internal warmth that comes from a long, fast walk; the

contrasts of colours that get highlighted when water adds that sheen to

them; the smell in the air; the feeling that the day is somehow

different, and anything can happen. Getting to school and focussing on

your friends, teachers, maths, English and the myriad other attention

grabbers, while continuing to feel slightly out-of-normal because of the


And if I go back further, I remember walking to school in New Zealand,

and breaking ice on the puddles so I would pick it up and watch it melt.

And gloves, and blowing your breath just to see the steam.

Very fond memories of walking to school in the rain.

{image via Deviant Art}



today i feel that the most challenging aspects to life are generally the ones where you feel as if you should be making decisions.
be doing something.
something more than just this.
but what to do… i weigh up the pros and cons of the different routes i could wander. and am left feeling as if i am missing more.
there has to be more to be considered. in which direction do you go if you don’t feel you are on your path yet?
something creative. something

{image from fishgirl17 @ flickr}


(back) to Russia, Without Love

Did you know that Russia has 700,000 orphans in care?
That’s more than they had than at the end of WWII, when an estimated 25 million Soviet citizens were killed. This week I was moved to tears when I read this article in The New York Times. Altogether, they have over 4 million orphans and homeless children.

Not only does information like this put your world just a little in perspective, it makes you ask a hundred questions. And it makes you feel very small.

Bean will be enduring a shower of love from me tonight.


My Glass Has Water In It

I am 15 and my best friend and I are creating a website for fun.  The homepage begins with “It’s 1am and the dog is biting my foot and the tea has gone cold… This page is by us”.
We have fun writing a page dedicated to “Hot People”.
We write a page about each other. They are honest and humorous portrayals; we have been close friends since we were 7.  I read what she wrote about me and find myself elated when I learn that I am seen as “always happy and positive”.

Now, over ten years later, life isn’t as rosy as it once was.  I still love Perth.  Am very close to my family. Have a beautiful husband and a perfect baby.

And our financial situation is so depressing that at times I find it overwhelming and don’t know how people can mentally cope with debt.

….Sorry to be so depressing today. The Financial Crisis has bitten us rather hard.

I find it difficult to be forever positive and buoyant.  Once upon a time it came naturally. I didn’t feel the urge to drink (etc) to have a good time when I was young. Life was pretty damn good as it was.

I quite enjoy drinking now.

There are so many things I want to do. Places I want to see.

I realise patience will be a virtue here; but that’s never been a strong point of mine.

Must remember to seek comfort and beauty in the every day.
We are ok. We are healthy. Bean is happy. The sun is shining.
My glass has water in it.


a List and a Long Weekend

On the brink of a long weekend and I am pondering how to spend it.

Ok, a list of things to accomplish:

1. Make ~ and enjoy ~ nutella and banana crepes.  Have a random craving for them.

2. Decorate a certain wall at home.  It’s a big white canvas right now, just begging for a bit of love and enthusiasm.

3. Make a headband. I have just stumbled across this blog and have been ever so inspired.

4. Make some bunting. I love Wanderlust‘s style.  (Must move beyond paper garlands.  But they can be so pretty!)

5. Brainstorm ways that being creative could earn $

6. Take a bunch of photos of our home. And the kids.

7. Try not to go online and spend hours and hours perusing the blogs that I haven’t as yet encountered on this list.

Is 7 a good number?  It’ll do.

{photo by me on a walk in Positano.  don’t you just want want to peek inside?}