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Classy Graffiti

Inspired by dori the giant’s post Goodfiti (although not quite as deep and meaningful), I had to stop and take a photo of this graffiti on a skip bin. Mo and I found it quite amusing.

I only just stumbled across dori’s blog and I must say she some interesting – and strong! – opinions about a number of things.  I don’t agree with her in every case but I do like the way she presents herself. And her projects.


(Hobby) Farmers? No. We Are Not.

Recently, a couple of my in-laws have been – rather enthusiastically – raising the topic of my husband and I owning a farm.  Now, once we recovered from the laughter that followed (our finances are very far from healthy), I started to ponder what would make them suggest such a thing.  They pointed out that Bean “would love it!”.  Wouldn’t most kids?  Especially boys.  But isn’t the whole great farm living idea much better in theory?  Or at least only for a holiday…

Mo & Bean

My brother and I spent nearly every school holiday on a huge farm in Narrogin, Western Australia.  Herding cattle and sheep, riding horses, watching puppies being born, collecting eggs, riding around in a ute… Fun times. Loved it.

The prospect of actually owning a farm – and please note, we are discussing this in more of a “hobby farm” sort of way – at this point in my life is so not appealing.  Not even in the slightest.  We have four chickens and a vegetable patch and I barely remember to look after them.  (Side note: thank you for keeping our backyard alive, my love.)

It sounds kind of sweet – “oh, we could have a pet sheep!  And call him Dinner!  And a couple of horses!  And a llama!” (admittedly, the llama would be cool.  As would an alpaca.  But that is beside the point).  A few good reasons why this would be an entirely impractical lifestyle choice?  Because it would be a lifestyle.  I barely have the time to drench myself in all the creative projects that are buzzing around inside my brain as it is – and I am pretty sure that having a farm involves a lot of work.   I love the city.  I also love to travel.  A farm does not really fit particularly well into either of these penchants.

Sorry to babble a bit, just needed to air those thoughts.  So, as much as this sweet little boy would love to be outdoors every day and get up close and personal with a range of animal-folk, he will have to suffice with just chickens for now.  And frequent trips to the zoo with his Oma.

{photos by me from our trip North in September 2009}


Ahoy Matey

Love pirates.  If I suffered less from seasickness, had more of a plundering sort of mentality and was happy to roll around the high seas as a fugitive, I would definitely embrace this lifestyle.  Currently in the midst of reading Treasure Island and The Republic of Pirates: Being the True and Inspiring Story of the Caribbean Pirates and the Man Who Brought Them Down. Highly recommend the latter for a fantastic account of the original fortune hunting, globe trotting, seafaring swashbucklers.

Some Flickr finds…

“A bento tribute to pregnancy tests. (Remember, pirates are wild)”. (teehee).

And as far as pirate inspired interiors go, this Sneak Peak at Sibella Court’s abode made me ever so jealous.  Love it.

Have a thing for rubber stamps? Create your own treasure map with these. Very cute.

And to really get in the mood, pop on some very cool pirate tunes.  Try not to start swaggering…

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Friday Five

As I revel in the beautfy of autumn ~ on this 32 degrees Celsius day ~ I sit here contemplating what really makes me happy.

Lists make me happy.

So how about I make a list of the things that make me happy…  Makes sense in a roundabout sort of way, doesn’t it?  So, in no particular order, here we go.

1. Art.

It amazes me how certain artists can touch, move and inspire me to such a degree.  How can a picture make you feel so good?

2. Humour

Laughter is so very important.

3. Stylin’ Organisation

A collection of books arranged by colour is very visually appealing.   I quite like this idea.  Not entirely practical, which goes against a few of my design principles, but I am almost willing to overlook these issues on the basis of aesthetics. (My husband would not be surprised by this stance:).

4.  Felt

Ahh, felty goodness.  Makes me want to curl up with bunch of it and some thread, tea and time.

5. The thought of my husband and son at home, right now, playing together.

A little soppy I know, but the thought tugs at my heart strings.

Well, that was kind of fun.  Maybe I aim to make this a sort of weekly ritual.  Friday sounds like a good day to round up a list…

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