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Sourcing Inspiration


As I wandered through the city at lunchtime today I followed a whim and wandered up some stairs into a small gallery. I was not disappointed. Local artist Yvonne Zago’s work is a m a z i n g.

Perusing the collection, I was taken back to Year 8 Art and the moment that it really clicked around how artists draw their influences from other artists. It sounds rather naive, I know; but it really was a pivotal moment for me. “So artists can inspire artists! And it can all tie into movements!” I remember thinking.

How lovely it feels to be moved to create.



A Typographical Jig

I am currently in the midst of absorbing the plethora of information in Ellen Lupton’s great book Thinking With Type (images above). Highly recommend it for anyone interested in the origins of typography and understanding the principles behind it. It’s clear, ridiculously well researched and often quite humorous.

In a similar vein, Design for Mankind pointed me in the direction of a spiffy site today. For those of you with a soft spot for the ampersand I am pretty sure it will make you smile.