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Last month Ruben turned 4.

Four feels so big. I have revelled in mama-awe while watching his development curve; every day  his language skills and thought processes impress me. It feels as if all this curiosity and zest bounces around inside his little body and just overflows in delightful waves.

Ruben loves concocting stories and games with his toys. Pirates, knights, soldiers, and a random assortment of op-shop finds and hand-me-downs can entertain him for hours of solo play. Dressing up is frequent – he loves masks and usually completes an outfit with his ninja (ugg) boots. He loves playing outside, especially if there is water involved. Highlights of his week include wrestling with his 14 year old half-sibling, whom he adores, and the days he and Adelaide spend with their grandparents.

His reverence for his baby sister is fierce and overwhelms him at times, but oh it’s good hearty love.

Ruben prefers raw vegetables to cooked, and had great difficulty deciding between chocolate cake or carrot cake for his birthday party. His favourite presents are the guinea pigs – named Wombaty and Mi Mi Mi (named after, when queried, “the little baby from Austin Powers”.  We have attempted to correct him but to no avail – the name stuck).

Favourite quotes this week:
Whilst saying goodnight.
Ruben: Can you please pass me my water?
Me (from the doorway): I think you can reach it.
Ruben: But mama, please… I came out of your uterus!
(Too cute. I fetched it for him.)

A couple of days later.
Ruben: Adelaide came out of your tummy. Oh no, your uterus. She was born!
Me: You were born the same way.
Ruben: Yes I was.
Me: Do you remember being born?
Ruben: Yes I do. I never want to do that again.
(No clue as to where that came from. Amusing nonetheless.)

I so look forward to the years to come but I am sad for the years past. It’s such a hard thing to sit with; the way your children grow.

Side note: the banner was planned months ago, started at 4pm the night before his birthday and completed by 2am.  A handmade touch that will feature in many birthdays to come.


Right Now

Hessian Bunting FlagsFabric flags outdoor fun

Right now I am loving…

The fluttering flags on the back porch.
The smell of the orange blossoms.
The sound of Adelaide giggling and practicing a range of sounds – most that involve sharing a large amount of drool.
The way Ruben has started becoming very attached to certain soft toys. It balances out the obsession with knight’s battles and fights between Buzz Lightyear and Bumblebee.
Alex’s joy at finally getting the hang of front flips on the trampoline.
That Michael and I both received books in the post recently that we are loving. Michael’s – The Second World War. Mine – The Happiness Project. (Let’s ignore how far removed they are from each other.) It’s amazing what time you can find to read when you really want to.



Family Triangles

Being a novice in the world of sewing, I am tackling projects that are simple yet pleasurable. This little set of flags now adorns Adelaide’s corner.

She turns 6 months old today. Her beaming smile and emphatic expressions tend to engage all those within close – and not so close – proximity. Today I walked outside to see her sitting proudly on the grass with her siblings and, for the first time, I paused and watched, resisting the urge to put a cushion behind her. And she was fine. Every day a new development.

I stumbled upon this site yesterday so I thought I would look around me today and do a little of my own. Today I am grateful that that this little soul, and Ruben, are surrounded by a brother and sisters that revel in such progress.

While alternative family structures can get a bad rap, especially when it comes to influencing young children, it is heartwarming to see the benefits that can stem from them.


Felty so Good

random love with craft supplies

I have a mild obsession with these things.  What is it about them that makes me happy?

I just know that felt balls make me want to do a little happy dance, wearing pajamas with a belly full of hot chocolate.
They make me feel the kind of happy that makes you smile at strangers.
They make me want to live in a cardboard box house like this one.
And gaze at a mobile like this.
These felt balls make me feel that joy that absorbs you when brainstorming your child’s birthday present. Side note: guinea pig this year for his fourth? Hmmmn…

Anyway; that kind of happy, no?

I vote felt balls make good pets.


Spoon Happy



These were a gift that I crafted for someone special for Christmas.  The original plan was to label them with herb names on the back and have them work as markers in their garden…  But I couldn’t bring myself to make them more complex or to have them serve any one particular purpose.

I will probably make some more in the future; I quite like how they turned out. Sweet and simple. I think Bean might enjoy them when he is a teensy bit older and starts getting more into creative role play… and his favourite sayings do not revolve around “sword fight! Sword fight! Hee-yah!”.  No more Pirates of the Caribbean for you, my son.

I was hugely inspired by a very simlar project that I came across somewhere in blogland late last year. I would love to direct you to the originals but, alas, the creator eludes me…  If you know who it was feel free to let me know and I will give credit where credit is due!

Side note: the photo is a little dark; that’s a tree, second from the left, and a rat second from the right.


A Brand New One

A new year and a fresh start. Apologies for the absence. That would be the new job; just a tad stressful and time consuming. But excuses wear thin and I don’t want to have them hold me back from doing things I like.
Such as keeping you updated on… Things.

Did you have a lovely festive season?  I did.  It’s all about the family at this time of year. House feels as if it is bursting at the seams with all four kiddies running around.  Well, it’s mostly the 2 year old doing the running; the tween and teenagers are too hot and bored for such activity, attempting movement only when the littlest threatens them with (amongst many giggles) head-to-head combat.

So we are off camping in a couple of days down South. Same place as before.  I was just printing out some origami instructions ~ hopefully not a vain attempt to keep said children (+1 more, coming along for the ride) entertained ~ whilst we (Mo and I) attempt to do as little as possible (i.e. read and swim and little else).

The origami had me thinking of the last couple of things I had made… I think I might have mentioned previously that I was inspired by Kristi‘s efforts a little while ago.  Must say, the boats were very enjoyable to make. They are hanging in front of their window.  The wall installation was inspired by a wedding reception – I think from Design Sponge?  It’s a few months old now, made at the previous job (where I was nowhere near as busy). The fish I did ages ago, to hang over Bean’s bed when he was a babe. Somehow they’re still around; I do quite like paper ornaments.
Speaking of crafting – I made some bunting for our Pirate Christmas Party. Must show you some photos of them soon. 

Very warm (literally – it was a 40 degree day today) new years wishes to you all.


“She’s taken to your tools like a little lesbian”

Apologies for my absence.  I’m back!

Projects, projects, projects. Currently I am trying to think creatively whilst penning an award submission for a client… And trying not to be distracted by thoughts of making a lovely memory game like this one or this one for Bean. He’s not old enough, it can wait (the little voices in my head say). Then they are rebuffed with “but it’s good to be prepared…” (shhh voices, I’m busy).

What else is in the pipeline (and where did that phrase originate)? I bought some peg people and am looking forward to finishing their paint jobs. Not quite as abstract as Joel’s, but I do so love his.  Was inspired by Kristi’s boats and made a chain of them for Bean’s room.  Waiting for another rainy day – or a trip to the beach – to test their floatability…
Hard to fit all of this in whilst indulging my Mad Men addiction and watching the third season in record time. (Yes, the title is a quote). Ohhowdelicious. Love love love it. I want to start my wardrobe over – totally inspired by Betty, Peggy and Joan.  Brilliant costume design!

OK back to work.


Red Wool

A new hobby.  Inspired by Anna, I learnt how to knit and rustled up a scarf for Bean. Almost done. And still {just} in time for the coldest part of winter.

Found it to be a very meditative task. Quite pleasant indeed. Started scarf #2 – am going to pop it in the post once it’s done. Always nice to receive handmade things in the mail, isn’t it? Especially when it’s for a baby.