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Sourcing Inspiration


As I wandered through the city at lunchtime today I followed a whim and wandered up some stairs into a small gallery. I was not disappointed. Local artist Yvonne Zago’s work is a m a z i n g.

Perusing the collection, I was taken back to Year 8 Art and the moment that it really clicked around how artists draw their influences from other artists. It sounds rather naive, I know; but it really was a pivotal moment for me. “So artists can inspire artists! And it can all tie into movements!” I remember thinking.

How lovely it feels to be moved to create.



Lightness Project

Having just finished this book, I must confess to being quite inspired.

Like the author, I am not particularly unhappy. But I do think I could put a little more effort into making myself a bit lighter in life. And, as a key consequence, happier.

I am quite attracted to the idea of making resolutions and creating visible way of tracking them. Resolution Chart, here I come.

{Art by Ruben.}



Meditating on Paint

Painting transports me in a way that few other activities manage to achieve. The minutes spent blending colours, forming shapes and creating images in a space can separate me from time. Those minutes swirl and eddy around me, leaving a wake of calm that is incredibly satisfying.  If I have the freedom to delve into creating for a reasonable period, by the time I stop playing it almost feels like I have been away… Painting can be such a lovely way to meditate.

Well, if I manage to let go of any expectations of perfection it can be. Which, as the years pass, does become easier. (But only in some areas, unfortunately… as Michael will attest when he recounts the first – and only – attempt he had at teaching me to play the guitar. The lesson lasted a grand total of about 4 minutes and ended when I decided that my fingers simply don’t work like that.)

The painting above is still a work in progress. I am thinking of adding an aeroplane, and perhaps some clouds.

And, as a side note, I would still like to attempt meditation through music. There is a ukulele hanging around, waiting for a little love…

*cue lovely image of me breaking out the sweet little instrument to woo all those within earshot with some beautiful little numbers. Oh, and in this magical dream I can also sing like Julia Stone*


Family Triangles

Being a novice in the world of sewing, I am tackling projects that are simple yet pleasurable. This little set of flags now adorns Adelaide’s corner.

She turns 6 months old today. Her beaming smile and emphatic expressions tend to engage all those within close – and not so close – proximity. Today I walked outside to see her sitting proudly on the grass with her siblings and, for the first time, I paused and watched, resisting the urge to put a cushion behind her. And she was fine. Every day a new development.

I stumbled upon this site yesterday so I thought I would look around me today and do a little of my own. Today I am grateful that that this little soul, and Ruben, are surrounded by a brother and sisters that revel in such progress.

While alternative family structures can get a bad rap, especially when it comes to influencing young children, it is heartwarming to see the benefits that can stem from them.


Dwelling Upon

Castaways Sculpture Awards Recycled Art RockinghamRecycled Art Sculptures by the Sea

In our world, on this small corner of the earth, the term “affordable” is spoke of with a wry smile and bathed in a light shade of green; finances are a tad grim.  However, we remain optimistic and appreciate each other and every day.

“Luxury need not have a price – comfort itself is a luxury”  – Geoffrey Beene

This book was given to me by my beautiful step-mother and I am enjoying soaking up bites in between other things.

The more I meditate on the meaning of moderation the more I feel that much joy can be found in living a simple life. Luxuries are affordable; pampering yourself is possible. It all depends on your perspective.

My current luxury is the purchase of fresh cream. A freshly ground black coffee with a huge glug of cream is making me feel incredibly good. Small luxuries, but ones that can be appreciated every day.  Life can be an abundance of good.
Wear your best jewellery. It will make each day grand.

Images taken at Castaways Sculpture Exhibition, featuring recycled art, in Rockingham last month


Hardship Nurtures Creativity

On Sunday, our happy tribe of 6 attended a 2nd birthday party. James (the dad) commented on the amount of toys his son has. “It’s embarrassing”, he said. “When I was a boy I only had one or two toys. I really think that that having fewer toys makes you more adaptable and creative”.

Today I stumbled across this article about how consumerism is affecting our creative juices, which led me to (amongst others) this article. Fascinating stuff. Apparently the affluence that some of us in the Western world are lucky enough to wallow in is making our children smarter – but less creative.  Looks as if James’ theory has some truth to it.  Apparently “hardship force(s) kids to become more flexible—and flexibility helps with creativity”.

The article provides a truly insightful and rounded analysis of how creativity works – how those little neural networks spark each other off – and how it ebbs and flows through childhood.

Great, more information that makes me want to homeschool Bean… Ah well, I am sure we can work with the time that we do have together. In a more effective way, knowing this.