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Hardship Nurtures Creativity

On Sunday, our happy tribe of 6 attended a 2nd birthday party. James (the dad) commented on the amount of toys his son has. “It’s embarrassing”, he said. “When I was a boy I only had one or two toys. I really think that that having fewer toys makes you more adaptable and creative”.

Today I stumbled across this article about how consumerism is affecting our creative juices, which led me to (amongst others) this article. Fascinating stuff. Apparently the affluence that some of us in the Western world are lucky enough to wallow in is making our children smarter – but less creative.  Looks as if James’ theory has some truth to it.  Apparently “hardship force(s) kids to become more flexible—and flexibility helps with creativity”.

The article provides a truly insightful and rounded analysis of how creativity works – how those little neural networks spark each other off – and how it ebbs and flows through childhood.

Great, more information that makes me want to homeschool Bean… Ah well, I am sure we can work with the time that we do have together. In a more effective way, knowing this.


Education Considerations

Ahh the joys of being a parent; deciding on the best route via which to educate your child. I have been inspired by all the home-schooling blogging mamas out there, but due to financial constraints and my lack of patience I think it would be advisable to send Bean to school… Starting with pre-school {obviously} as he is only 18 months old. (Side note: don’t you just love this age when they start to come out with a new word every couple of hours? Heartwarming stuff.)

So yes, anyway. Being a Montessori child myself I hold their philosophies in high regard…  Bean is booked into a Montessori centre from 3 years (they only take kiddies 2.5 yrs +). But today a friend directed me towards the Reggio Emilia Approach – sounds interesting.  I have ordered this book and made an appointment to check out the local childhood centre that specialises in this style of education. Has anyone come across them before?