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Second-Hand Goodness

This weekend I spent a number of hours sorting through clothes. Ruben’s, Adelaide’s and my own. (I choose not to touch Michael’s – despite the fact he wears around 15% of what he  owns, he feels very comfortable with the variety he chooses not to look at).

During this purging and organising process, I came to a couple conclusions:
1. Family who do hand-me-downs are to be cherished.
2. The majority of my wardrobe is a collection of second-hand items. And I am very comfortable with that fact. (Side note: Is it wrong to label op-shopping as generous charitable giving?)

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to have style.

I am slowly working on cultivating a wardrobe that has 99% functionality (1% reserved for items with sentimental value; I’m looking at you, multicoloured stripey knee-highs and probably you too, techno satin flares).

Maybe it’s a sign of my strolling into a new decade this year, but I find myself less thrilled by hot wedges and more interested in spunky skate shoes. Simplicity and function. And a squeeze of funky.


Glamour. A Girl Needs Glamour.

Our topic of the day is fashion. I am lusting after some new clothes and what better way than to send that out into the universe (in the hope of gaining financial purchasing power) than to post about it.

I just read this post about vintage attire.  Some of the comments are great. This is another great post about modern and retro glamour. Mo and I watched Breakfast at Tiffany’s for the first time this week after reading it – and were both very pleasantly surprised about how much we enjoyed it. The script is really quite clever and dialogue just perfect for the characters. {Side note: the comments on this column are a tad more emotional and I don’t recommend you read them unless you’re ready to have my favourite television show ripped to shreds. }

If you have been a bit regular around these parts you would know that I have a bit of a penchant for vintage etc.  (For the record, I still LOVE this style).  My new desire is to have a mixture of the J.Crew style and a little bit of Juliette Binoche from Chocolat. You know that bright, warm, layered look? I like how “preppy vintage”, being more sombre in colour and shorter in length, can be just as sexy as the lightly feminine and fluffy look as sported by Binoche.

Today finds me dreaming about new clothes and planning to make a few hair bits – I think a range of felt/material flowers bits could be just the thing for the end of winter and to embrace spring. These are pretty, and I like how dainty these ones are.

Anyway, that’s all I really have to say today. Oh, and to point you in the direction of one more cool site – if you haven’t come across it already, Urban Weeds features styles from the streets of Portland. I especially like the way people summarise their “look” – e.g. “I draw from the look and feel of Hitchcock and Italian Giallo films” and “my style is quirky, disheveled, feminine, tomboy”.


Hello My Pretty

It all started with a glance. Then a prolonged look. And a little feel.  I turned away, walked halfway out of the shop… And before my brain knew what my feet were doing I was back in front of it. Emerald Green. What a spectacular colour. Then, all of a sudden, it was on lay-by.
Now, how to pay for it… Hmmm…

eBay buyer – yes, of course. But eBay seller?  Hmmm… OK!
I had made a vague attempt at rekindling my childhood by asking for a Nintendo DSi for Christmas. Strangely, Mario just wasn’t as exciting as he used to be, and Mr Christmas Present sat neglected for the past few months. Until just recently, when I opted to trade him in. A week later and the deal was done and today I toddled down the road and collected it. Oh hello my pretty. Yes, time to come home.

Isn’t it silly how good a new bag can make you feel?

{image credit – not sure, sorry!}


Lusting Red and Green

Lustrous red, luminous green, plum purple… This movie has the most beautiful colour scheme.  It reminds me of Amelie (looove that film) but Penelope wins in the costume department. And she has crazy cool terrariums. And a swing in her bedroom.

What it lacks in clever dialogue it makes up for in style.  Love the effect of the fading wall colours as she gets older…  How did I miss this movie release up until now?! I can’t even remember who to credit – traipsing through blogland last week and some lovely lady was coveting her green shoes… and I completely understand why.


rain rain stay and play

It is a beautiful autumn day.  It’s raining!  Such an occurrence feels so unusual after a summer here.  In a city that boasts “300 days of sunshine a year”, suddenly everyone is relishing being able to wear layers and carry umbrellas. Love it.

I think the colder seasons require bursts of colour.  I love the bright blooms by emersonmade. The cooler seasons always require a burst of colour. I can picture a number of outfits that could do with a dose of cheerful, flowery goodness.

And I love a good umbrella.


Adoring Vintage

My style(/s) have always wavered depending on my mood.  Vintage has always played a small part, but until just now I have never adored it so much.  (Even though the term Vintage actually appears to include anything from the 1800’s up to 1980’s, it makes it easy to love at least bits of it…)

Makes me want to edit my wardrobe and decor and start embracing vintage to a new level.  Op shops, swap meets, here I come…

The Humming Bird Girls = very pretty stuff.

The Snail and the Cyclops.  She has some beautiful, beautiful clothes!

I must say, my vintage love was also very inspired after consuming Season 1 of Mad Men.  OOooh retro goodness.  (Love the clothes, not won over by the decor though).

After perusing these styles for a while today it has become apparent that a Hybrid Vintage is in order.  Take the 1960’s wiggle skirt/flouncy look

(bring back hats and gloves I say)

and pair it against a backdrop of postmodern… Check out this home that Design Sponge featured, and maybe a little of this home – the first photo of the kitchen is so lovely! And this couch, print and lamp combination is just stunning.

Love the flags. And the lamp shade!  Not sure where I found this picture though… Let me know if you do!

So take these lovely settings… Add a little splash of “real” vintage decor…

And you could create something very, very spectacular.  Let’s call it a Vintopomo… Or maybe a Pomovitage…

Sounds like it could be an interesting season for me…

p.s.  this blog is good to too!

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Autumn Colours

I have heard that grey is the colour of the season, and while that sounds very sophisticated it tends to strike me as a tad boring.  Why dress and decorate to match the sky?  Where is the bounce in that?  I am pleased to see that some have a difference in opinion.  Hamburger Love talks up green, which I totally adore.

I can happily overlook the fact that she is talking up green “to lure in the spring”.  Green and autumn/winter go hand-in-hand as well.

While on the foreign thing, have I mentioned my newfound love of Norwegian and German blogs?  The more time you spend traversing the great scape of the blogosphere the bigger and more wonderful the palette of inspiration becomes.  Good Luck and Happy Little and Maganda got under my skin yesterday.

So yes, anyway, colours.  Love green.  And still love terrariums.

(how funky are these?!)

Also love yellow, especially when on blue.

And purple.  Who doesn’t think purple just compliments a wet and windy day (as is the case today) just perfectly.

Oh how I wish I owned this.  So sweet.  Why oh why is my birthday nowhere close by?

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