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A Good Day

I had the joy of picking Ruben up from school for the first time yesterday.

I start work hideously early to be able to run away at a feasible hour. Butterflies swarm in my stomach during the bus trip across the city to reach the car, worried I wouldn’t make it in time. A brilliant parking spot and I arrive at his classroom 10 minutes early, and stand outside with the clique of mothers who are able to perform this duty every day. They chatter about their loose plans for the week ahead, and as I listen the butterflies change their hovering spot, flying up around my heart.

My little boy’s brown eyes light up when he spots me as he wanders down the ramp from the classroom. I hastily swipe away the tears, feeling silly. Such an every day event for many mothers, such a special one for me. He pulls out a painting of a sheep, full of smiles, and I can’t help picking his big four year old body up for a real hug. We walk slowly, holding hands. I feel the sunshine on my neck and the pressure of his little hand in mine, and I savour these few minutes of quiet between us.

Image: Ruben on his first day. I felt blessed to be able to drop him off then, too.


As a Working Mother

Family Walk

After a long weekend spent soaking up the sun with Michael, Ruben and Adelaide, it’s hard to conjure up much enthusiasm for work today.

Like most working mamas, having to spend so much time apart from your children can be a little heart-wrenching. Fortunately for us, Ruben and Adelaide spend a few days each week being doted on by their grandparents. The blessings of family willing to take on these
(somewhat demanding) roles.

Another positive: since returning from maternity leave, I have been granted the priviledge of working from home two days a week. Though challenging, it does make me very present to the extra time I am gifted with them. (I so love my little people).

We do what we must.


Family Triangles

Being a novice in the world of sewing, I am tackling projects that are simple yet pleasurable. This little set of flags now adorns Adelaide’s corner.

She turns 6 months old today. Her beaming smile and emphatic expressions tend to engage all those within close – and not so close – proximity. Today I walked outside to see her sitting proudly on the grass with her siblings and, for the first time, I paused and watched, resisting the urge to put a cushion behind her. And she was fine. Every day a new development.

I stumbled upon this site yesterday so I thought I would look around me today and do a little of my own. Today I am grateful that that this little soul, and Ruben, are surrounded by a brother and sisters that revel in such progress.

While alternative family structures can get a bad rap, especially when it comes to influencing young children, it is heartwarming to see the benefits that can stem from them.