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Lightness Project

Having just finished this book, I must confess to being quite inspired.

Like the author, I am not particularly unhappy. But I do think I could put a little more effort into making myself a bit lighter in life. And, as a key consequence, happier.

I am quite attracted to the idea of making resolutions and creating visible way of tracking them. Resolution Chart, here I come.

{Art by Ruben.}



Rewiring Want

The more I bathe in this delightful land of blogs the more I find myself filling up with Want.

So many luscious things out there! Jewellery, decor, bedding, homewares… The list really is never-ending. Every so often (all the time) I remind myself that I don’t need any of these things to be happy or more fulfilled than I am right now.

All of these desires and internal chastising make me wonder, occasionally, if the visual consumption is somehow detrimental to your mental health. But then I do believe that it’s all about what you hold to be the Truth, isn’t it?

I am attempting to have the wants wired to be absorbed as just genuine appreciation. There will always be aesthetically delightful items out there and I don’t need to own them to appreciate them. (repeat mantra ad nauseam…)


Dwelling Upon

Castaways Sculpture Awards Recycled Art RockinghamRecycled Art Sculptures by the Sea

In our world, on this small corner of the earth, the term “affordable” is spoke of with a wry smile and bathed in a light shade of green; finances are a tad grim.  However, we remain optimistic and appreciate each other and every day.

“Luxury need not have a price – comfort itself is a luxury”  – Geoffrey Beene

This book was given to me by my beautiful step-mother and I am enjoying soaking up bites in between other things.

The more I meditate on the meaning of moderation the more I feel that much joy can be found in living a simple life. Luxuries are affordable; pampering yourself is possible. It all depends on your perspective.

My current luxury is the purchase of fresh cream. A freshly ground black coffee with a huge glug of cream is making me feel incredibly good. Small luxuries, but ones that can be appreciated every day.  Life can be an abundance of good.
Wear your best jewellery. It will make each day grand.

Images taken at Castaways Sculpture Exhibition, featuring recycled art, in Rockingham last month


Felty so Good

random love with craft supplies

I have a mild obsession with these things.  What is it about them that makes me happy?

I just know that felt balls make me want to do a little happy dance, wearing pajamas with a belly full of hot chocolate.
They make me feel the kind of happy that makes you smile at strangers.
They make me want to live in a cardboard box house like this one.
And gaze at a mobile like this.
These felt balls make me feel that joy that absorbs you when brainstorming your child’s birthday present. Side note: guinea pig this year for his fourth? Hmmmn…

Anyway; that kind of happy, no?

I vote felt balls make good pets.



A story to share with you today.

Earlier this week, my mother wandered outside to the front yard of her home, to find a Labrador dog in the middle of doing Labrador-dog-business on her lawn.  Standing patiently nearby and holding the dog’s lead was a well-dressed lady, who waited until the dog was finished. My mother is quite house-proud, and a lot of effort goes into maintaining an impeccable front yard. Mum politely but firmly asked the lady if she had any plastic bags with her, to clean up after her dog.  The woman answered “no” but added that if my mum wouldn’t mind getting one then she would do so. Things seemed to be turning out well after all, so mum nipped inside to fetch a plastic bag.  Upon returning and handing the woman the bag, mum waited for her to proceed. Instead, the dog owner politely asked if mum would mind directing her to where the dog poo was because – wait for it – she was blind.
Mortified, and apologising profusely, my mother quickly scooped down with the bag, and cleaned it up herself.  She said that the woman was quite gracious about the situation, and did not attempt to make mum feel guilty. As if she had to…

This encounter made me giggle and then lead me to ponder the encounter a bit further… Isn’t it interesting how we are so entrenched in our own realities, that they cloud our vision and perception to the realities of others?

Image via deviantART



This morning my husband jested once again about my lack of inclination to track down my lovely (and neglected) beautician and I laughed at how silly it was of me, given how much time I have to do such things in between being a mother to a crazy two year old, working full-time in a stressful role and being a part-time step-parent to three teenagers.

Michael pointed out that it was interesting I didn’t mention Wife in there, along with all of my other titles.  “For surely there is time spent fulfilling such roles?”.  He has a point.  I think it’s a positive that I didn’t think of it as another plethora of needs to attend to, as that’s what I was referring to.

I did make an appointment this afternoon.


Fearless ness, with some sting and a little sugar


Life.  Indulgence. Love love love.

We have been, as ever, quite busy around our part.  Part?  What a strange little phrase. Our part…  Of our street?  Our lives?  Of our little corner in time and space on this Earth?  Hmn.
But I am getting distracted…

I came across the quote today that I plucked for my subject line and decided that I quite liked the idea (that I envision it purports).  The best way to live is fearlessly; this will no doubt involve a bit of hurt, some joy and ~hopefully~ a lot  of pleasantness in-between.  I can also appreciate the context that it was actually used in – what comprises good taste when it comes to fashion. 
…Spicy and sweet. Boho vintage modern. These I like too.

On a fairly unrelated note, I was sent an article today which I very much enjoyed.  Clever crows.  My favourite part:
“Let your offspring have an extended childhood in a stable and loving home; lead by example; offer positive reinforcement; be patient and persistent; indulge even a near-adult offspring by occasionally popping a fresh cockroach into its mouth; and realize that at any moment a goshawk might swoop down and put an end to the entire pedagogical program”.


List Lovin’

Things about me.

1.  Getting a tattoo didn’t freak me out anywhere near as much as having an
injection does.

2.  I always notice people’s shoes.

3.  Camping was great as a kid, painful during my late teens/early twenties and now
I am back in love with it again.

4.  I prefer op-shops to shopping malls.

5.  I don’t watch television (except occasionally on DVD).

6.  My normal speaking voice is at just the right pitch to be drowned out in any noisy environment.

7.  I am a planner but rarely manage to complete my lists.

8.  I love double-salted licorice. Especially licorice powder.

9.  My sense of smell is quite strong and decisive. I tend to find this more a burden than an asset.

10. My wedding took me around two phone calls and a few emails to prepare for and it
was perfect. (My husband organised the honeymoon, which took a little more effort. That also turned out perfectly.)

11. I have a soft spot for kawaii.


Adventure Dreaming

Over the past couple of weeks I have found my perspectives altering. A slow shift in paradigm; my consciousness around the concept of “ownership” has become forefront in my mind.

I think it stemmed from the conversations Mo and I had after visiting the antique/second hand stores, when we left with our eyes and hearts full of a delicious array of old treasures.

As I grow older and those around me take great joy in their home ownership and chattels, I find myself less and less inclined to want to lead a life that focuses on the excess, these exercises in indulgence…  I find myself questioning how satisfied I will be if I live my life this way.  Given that we only have one life to live, why do so many place so much importance on material goods?

The idea of striving to own and fill a house with belongings, while traveling infrequently, scares me immensely. Those sorts of priorities feel all wrong.  Don’t misinterpret though; if you have read previous posts you will be well aware that I can appreciate beautiful home wares just as much as the next person.  But. But…

Is it the fact I am approaching 30 and feel as though I need to start being serious in how I chalk out my future?  The future of our life together?  The future of our child?

The more I think about it the more inclined I am to want to live the life of a gypsy. Well, without the illegal means of supporting oneself.  A nomad.  A rover, a rambler, a wanderer…

I want to lead a migratory existence.
Fortunately, so does my husband. Unfortunately, it will take us a number of years to break even financially before we can even consider flying free. Broke, but free…  I want adventure. I want to have my child grow up outside this idea of what is “normal”.

At least that gives me plenty of time to work on how we can fund such as existence.  Where there is a will, there is a way.  Just need to work out how.