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Sourcing Inspiration


As I wandered through the city at lunchtime today I followed a whim and wandered up some stairs into a small gallery. I was not disappointed. Local artist Yvonne Zago’s work is a m a z i n g.

Perusing the collection, I was taken back to Year 8 Art and the moment that it really clicked around how artists draw their influences from other artists. It sounds rather naive, I know; but it really was a pivotal moment for me. “So artists can inspire artists! And it can all tie into movements!” I remember thinking.

How lovely it feels to be moved to create.



Glamour. A Girl Needs Glamour.

Our topic of the day is fashion. I am lusting after some new clothes and what better way than to send that out into the universe (in the hope of gaining financial purchasing power) than to post about it.

I just read this post about vintage attire.  Some of the comments are great. This is another great post about modern and retro glamour. Mo and I watched Breakfast at Tiffany’s for the first time this week after reading it – and were both very pleasantly surprised about how much we enjoyed it. The script is really quite clever and dialogue just perfect for the characters. {Side note: the comments on this column are a tad more emotional and I don’t recommend you read them unless you’re ready to have my favourite television show ripped to shreds. }

If you have been a bit regular around these parts you would know that I have a bit of a penchant for vintage etc.  (For the record, I still LOVE this style).  My new desire is to have a mixture of the J.Crew style and a little bit of Juliette Binoche from Chocolat. You know that bright, warm, layered look? I like how “preppy vintage”, being more sombre in colour and shorter in length, can be just as sexy as the lightly feminine and fluffy look as sported by Binoche.

Today finds me dreaming about new clothes and planning to make a few hair bits – I think a range of felt/material flowers bits could be just the thing for the end of winter and to embrace spring. These are pretty, and I like how dainty these ones are.

Anyway, that’s all I really have to say today. Oh, and to point you in the direction of one more cool site – if you haven’t come across it already, Urban Weeds features styles from the streets of Portland. I especially like the way people summarise their “look” – e.g. “I draw from the look and feel of Hitchcock and Italian Giallo films” and “my style is quirky, disheveled, feminine, tomboy”.


Part Precious Metal, Part Pirate

I have a confession. I splurged.  But only a little. I bought a new book on our date night on Tuesday. We went to our favourite bookstore and spent more time apart than together. (Our preferred genres are not really in the same realm). Which was fine, being as we were both immersed in our own little bits of heaven… (Visiting a bookstore is a far more enjoyable an experience sans toddler!). We were going to get coffee afterwards but given I blew our (non-existent) budget we just headed home. Which was fine, as I had in my clutches the extraordinarily beautiful book that I have been coveting for ages. No take-away and a few budget cuts this week, but oh my. Definitely worth it. Love that Sibella can make you think creatively with what you already have in your possession.  Re-purpose, re-evaluate and to absorb inspiration from everything. I can work with that…

Designer interior land here I come.

(a mosquito net as backdrop? theatrical, warm and oh so medieval charming)

Adventure Dreaming

Over the past couple of weeks I have found my perspectives altering. A slow shift in paradigm; my consciousness around the concept of “ownership” has become forefront in my mind.

I think it stemmed from the conversations Mo and I had after visiting the antique/second hand stores, when we left with our eyes and hearts full of a delicious array of old treasures.

As I grow older and those around me take great joy in their home ownership and chattels, I find myself less and less inclined to want to lead a life that focuses on the excess, these exercises in indulgence…  I find myself questioning how satisfied I will be if I live my life this way.  Given that we only have one life to live, why do so many place so much importance on material goods?

The idea of striving to own and fill a house with belongings, while traveling infrequently, scares me immensely. Those sorts of priorities feel all wrong.  Don’t misinterpret though; if you have read previous posts you will be well aware that I can appreciate beautiful home wares just as much as the next person.  But. But…

Is it the fact I am approaching 30 and feel as though I need to start being serious in how I chalk out my future?  The future of our life together?  The future of our child?

The more I think about it the more inclined I am to want to live the life of a gypsy. Well, without the illegal means of supporting oneself.  A nomad.  A rover, a rambler, a wanderer…

I want to lead a migratory existence.
Fortunately, so does my husband. Unfortunately, it will take us a number of years to break even financially before we can even consider flying free. Broke, but free…  I want adventure. I want to have my child grow up outside this idea of what is “normal”.

At least that gives me plenty of time to work on how we can fund such as existence.  Where there is a will, there is a way.  Just need to work out how.


The Filling Nature of Visual Consumption

Mo and I went hunting over the weekend for a chair to go with the uber cool, second-hand activity desk we found for Bean. We zeroed in on a few little upmarket second-hand shops that we hadn’t been to before, hoping to score a random bargain.  Unfortunately, not only were the objects way over our budget – but all of the stores were overflowing with drop-dead gorgeous things.  From globes to typewriters, wine barrels to travel trunks, antique wooden crates to hat stands… We fell in love with item after item.

As we drove home, we discussed how we actually felt good about not having bought anything.  This led to the idea that perhaps there is a more sustainable, integrity-driven way to live than than to succumb to the urge of possession whenever you see something that you really like.

“In the future luxury goods
will be methods that bring us
back the power of our
own attention: the power

to choose ourselves what
we want to notice or not.
And there lies the true
luxury of the future, to be
able to resist shopping
and still be happy.”

Can we be happy about accepting that shopping is not a lifestyle?

The lack of consciousness around consumption is beginning to bug me more and more.  I realise that consumers are taking a significant interest in the origins and ethics behind the production of the goods that are being purchased; but when is enough enough?  Retail therapy is not a good thing.  Why do we feel that it is important to own something in order to fully appreciate it?  The notion of being satisfied just from consuming something visually is kind of where I was going with the title of this post. The problem with this is, obviously, that there is still consumption involved.  But baby steps here. Especially here in the blogosphere, where we all love a good gander at beautiful fashion and aesthetically stunning objects…

Have a read of the David Report – I Shop Therefor I Am. I am going to ponder this for a little while. To be continued.


A Few Loves

I like this (per photo above) for a table set up.  Colourful food packaging meets a bit of greenery.

This girl has a very cool writing style.  I think she would be a lot of fun to hang out with. Check out her toy terrariums.

My new obsession.  Crave crave crave.

I know it’s pretty popular, but I just love this shower curtain.  It makes me smile every time I see it in blogland. Why no Anthropologie in Australia, why?! (Yes, I know they sell online, but touching is better than nothing when you can’t afford it:)

Must improve vocabulary – starting with all 100 of these words.

I haven’t been to the shop but oh my what a sitelove this method of creating a theme. Travellers & Magicians is my current favourite.  Sibella – you rock.