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Lusting Red and Green

Lustrous red, luminous green, plum purple… This movie has the most beautiful colour scheme.  It reminds me of Amelie (looove that film) but Penelope wins in the costume department. And she has crazy cool terrariums. And a swing in her bedroom.

What it lacks in clever dialogue it makes up for in style.  Love the effect of the fading wall colours as she gets older…  How did I miss this movie release up until now?! I can’t even remember who to credit – traipsing through blogland last week and some lovely lady was coveting her green shoes… and I completely understand why.


Part Precious Metal, Part Pirate

I have a confession. I splurged.  But only a little. I bought a new book on our date night on Tuesday. We went to our favourite bookstore and spent more time apart than together. (Our preferred genres are not really in the same realm). Which was fine, being as we were both immersed in our own little bits of heaven… (Visiting a bookstore is a far more enjoyable an experience sans toddler!). We were going to get coffee afterwards but given I blew our (non-existent) budget we just headed home. Which was fine, as I had in my clutches the extraordinarily beautiful book that I have been coveting for ages. No take-away and a few budget cuts this week, but oh my. Definitely worth it. Love that Sibella can make you think creatively with what you already have in your possession.  Re-purpose, re-evaluate and to absorb inspiration from everything. I can work with that…

Designer interior land here I come.

(a mosquito net as backdrop? theatrical, warm and oh so medieval charming)

An Odd Fetish?

I just can’t get enough of abandoned buildings.

Artificial Owl houses a good collection of “abandoned man-made creations” from around the world.  That’s one of their images above. I am pretty sure I stumbled onto this site after reading Sweet Juniper’s delicious post about the Detroit Public Schools book depository/Roosevelt Warehouse. Stories like that make me itch to go there. Photos of Feral Houses, also by Sweet Juniper, make me want to head overseas and snap happy on a roadtrip. You certainly don’t find such sights here.

Is it a little unsettling that I think a collage of these photos would make for a stunning feature?  If you feel the same, the photographer donates a significant proportion of the sales to charity. Check it out here.

Another site that had me exceptionally excited was Forbidden Places. I find it hard to draw myself from photos of places in such derelict condition…  Something about them intrigues me. Hugely. They were the stage for so many stories, so much life… Once upon a time.


A Corner of my Home

I quite like the look of garlands draped over a picture, don’t you? And what a better poster than Amélie. Love that movie!.  So yes, this is a corner of our home. The lighthouse on the mantle was my latest swap meet treasure.  The Barbie Lego Pirate Ship was a piece Michael and I put together for the most recent family art show.  The theme was Classics and Icons. The Sydney Opera House was another entry, created by Michael’s mother out of Vegemite.  We won it in the auction afterwards.  The dinosaurs are Ruben’s.  Anyone else guilty of borrowing their children’s toys as ornaments?  They can add such a cute detail.


Tumbledown Mansion Love

Stumbled across this (old) article on The New York Times about Grey Gardens.  How stunning is that house!  Love successful restoration projects!  Must say though, I am almost more attracted to it when it was all ramshackle and old.  Love a good derelict house.

{image above from here}

I heard vague things about the more recent film but never managed to watch it. Have been newly inspired to watch the original documentary and the 2009 movie… The Beales sound intriguing, don’t they!

This is an interesting design idea, courtesy of Little Edie

A light bulb in a birdcage over the bed.   Quirky.  I like it.


Ahoy Matey

Love pirates.  If I suffered less from seasickness, had more of a plundering sort of mentality and was happy to roll around the high seas as a fugitive, I would definitely embrace this lifestyle.  Currently in the midst of reading Treasure Island and The Republic of Pirates: Being the True and Inspiring Story of the Caribbean Pirates and the Man Who Brought Them Down. Highly recommend the latter for a fantastic account of the original fortune hunting, globe trotting, seafaring swashbucklers.

Some Flickr finds…

“A bento tribute to pregnancy tests. (Remember, pirates are wild)”. (teehee).

And as far as pirate inspired interiors go, this Sneak Peak at Sibella Court’s abode made me ever so jealous.  Love it.

Have a thing for rubber stamps? Create your own treasure map with these. Very cute.

And to really get in the mood, pop on some very cool pirate tunes.  Try not to start swaggering…

{click on the pic to head to the source}


Adoring Vintage

My style(/s) have always wavered depending on my mood.  Vintage has always played a small part, but until just now I have never adored it so much.  (Even though the term Vintage actually appears to include anything from the 1800’s up to 1980’s, it makes it easy to love at least bits of it…)

Makes me want to edit my wardrobe and decor and start embracing vintage to a new level.  Op shops, swap meets, here I come…

The Humming Bird Girls = very pretty stuff.

The Snail and the Cyclops.  She has some beautiful, beautiful clothes!

I must say, my vintage love was also very inspired after consuming Season 1 of Mad Men.  OOooh retro goodness.  (Love the clothes, not won over by the decor though).

After perusing these styles for a while today it has become apparent that a Hybrid Vintage is in order.  Take the 1960’s wiggle skirt/flouncy look

(bring back hats and gloves I say)

and pair it against a backdrop of postmodern… Check out this home that Design Sponge featured, and maybe a little of this home – the first photo of the kitchen is so lovely! And this couch, print and lamp combination is just stunning.

Love the flags. And the lamp shade!  Not sure where I found this picture though… Let me know if you do!

So take these lovely settings… Add a little splash of “real” vintage decor…

And you could create something very, very spectacular.  Let’s call it a Vintopomo… Or maybe a Pomovitage…

Sounds like it could be an interesting season for me…

p.s.  this blog is good to too!

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Friday Five

As I revel in the beautfy of autumn ~ on this 32 degrees Celsius day ~ I sit here contemplating what really makes me happy.

Lists make me happy.

So how about I make a list of the things that make me happy…  Makes sense in a roundabout sort of way, doesn’t it?  So, in no particular order, here we go.

1. Art.

It amazes me how certain artists can touch, move and inspire me to such a degree.  How can a picture make you feel so good?

2. Humour

Laughter is so very important.

3. Stylin’ Organisation

A collection of books arranged by colour is very visually appealing.   I quite like this idea.  Not entirely practical, which goes against a few of my design principles, but I am almost willing to overlook these issues on the basis of aesthetics. (My husband would not be surprised by this stance:).

4.  Felt

Ahh, felty goodness.  Makes me want to curl up with bunch of it and some thread, tea and time.

5. The thought of my husband and son at home, right now, playing together.

A little soppy I know, but the thought tugs at my heart strings.

Well, that was kind of fun.  Maybe I aim to make this a sort of weekly ritual.  Friday sounds like a good day to round up a list…

{please note: all images link back to their sources}