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As a Working Mother

Family Walk

After a long weekend spent soaking up the sun with Michael, Ruben and Adelaide, it’s hard to conjure up much enthusiasm for work today.

Like most working mamas, having to spend so much time apart from your children can be a little heart-wrenching. Fortunately for us, Ruben and Adelaide spend a few days each week being doted on by their grandparents. The blessings of family willing to take on these
(somewhat demanding) roles.

Another positive: since returning from maternity leave, I have been granted the priviledge of working from home two days a week. Though challenging, it does make me very present to the extra time I am gifted with them. (I so love my little people).

We do what we must.



The days slip by as we trundle around doing odd jobs… Life as a full-time mother these past few months has certainly been enlightening. No longer will I ever expect my dear husband to accomplish much over the school holiday periods, when we have the three stepchildren plus our own two little ones to entertain. It probably doesn’t help that we three (myself, Ruben and Adelaide) do not rise until the sun is well and truly up each day. Blessed happy sleepers my two are, it allows plenty of quality time at night with my beloved but little time during the day to actually Get Things Done. Routines are set to change as the Return to Work approaches, however. Fun fun.

I comfort myself with the notion that as long as time is not overly squandered, one cannot really complain. I am trying to appreciate each day for what it is. Today was good because I actually managed to do all of our washing as well as read most of the latest Taproot Magazine. Received a while back, it was misplaced and rediscovered (joy!) this morning.
A dip in the words and images within it and I felt as if I had almost been on a mini holiday. I do so appreciate a magazine that can leave you feeling so beautifully refreshed and energised.


Summer ’12

Welcome back.
(is that directed at me or you?  probably me.  *pat on the back*.  I am going to try and be a tad more regular this year.)
A couple of weeks ago we headed south to our favourite camping spot.   It was a beautiful week.

And yes, in case you noticed; that is not my normal waistline.  Baby #2 (/5) is due in 7 weeks.
2012 is to be a year of new beginnings…

And there are so many things I want to accomplish.

Start surfing (this holiday definitely urged that desire along… Margaret River is a good spot for that).
Actually pick up and learn to tinker on the ukulele that has been gathering dust since purchased on a whim.
Write more.
Sew more.
Take more photos.
And remember to enjoy and savour every day.


Sunday was Beach Day

One of the highlights of living in this little city is the weather. It’s the middle of winter and yet Bean can still run around on the beach barefoot. Gotta love that.

This is our favourite bit of the (city) coastline and it is such a pleasure to see our child find so much joy on these shores. Collecting shells and poking at seaweed provides endless hours of fascination. Just beautiful.


The Filling Nature of Visual Consumption

Mo and I went hunting over the weekend for a chair to go with the uber cool, second-hand activity desk we found for Bean. We zeroed in on a few little upmarket second-hand shops that we hadn’t been to before, hoping to score a random bargain.  Unfortunately, not only were the objects way over our budget – but all of the stores were overflowing with drop-dead gorgeous things.  From globes to typewriters, wine barrels to travel trunks, antique wooden crates to hat stands… We fell in love with item after item.

As we drove home, we discussed how we actually felt good about not having bought anything.  This led to the idea that perhaps there is a more sustainable, integrity-driven way to live than than to succumb to the urge of possession whenever you see something that you really like.

“In the future luxury goods
will be methods that bring us
back the power of our
own attention: the power

to choose ourselves what
we want to notice or not.
And there lies the true
luxury of the future, to be
able to resist shopping
and still be happy.”

Can we be happy about accepting that shopping is not a lifestyle?

The lack of consciousness around consumption is beginning to bug me more and more.  I realise that consumers are taking a significant interest in the origins and ethics behind the production of the goods that are being purchased; but when is enough enough?  Retail therapy is not a good thing.  Why do we feel that it is important to own something in order to fully appreciate it?  The notion of being satisfied just from consuming something visually is kind of where I was going with the title of this post. The problem with this is, obviously, that there is still consumption involved.  But baby steps here. Especially here in the blogosphere, where we all love a good gander at beautiful fashion and aesthetically stunning objects…

Have a read of the David Report – I Shop Therefor I Am. I am going to ponder this for a little while. To be continued.


(Hobby) Farmers? No. We Are Not.

Recently, a couple of my in-laws have been – rather enthusiastically – raising the topic of my husband and I owning a farm.  Now, once we recovered from the laughter that followed (our finances are very far from healthy), I started to ponder what would make them suggest such a thing.  They pointed out that Bean “would love it!”.  Wouldn’t most kids?  Especially boys.  But isn’t the whole great farm living idea much better in theory?  Or at least only for a holiday…

Mo & Bean

My brother and I spent nearly every school holiday on a huge farm in Narrogin, Western Australia.  Herding cattle and sheep, riding horses, watching puppies being born, collecting eggs, riding around in a ute… Fun times. Loved it.

The prospect of actually owning a farm – and please note, we are discussing this in more of a “hobby farm” sort of way – at this point in my life is so not appealing.  Not even in the slightest.  We have four chickens and a vegetable patch and I barely remember to look after them.  (Side note: thank you for keeping our backyard alive, my love.)

It sounds kind of sweet – “oh, we could have a pet sheep!  And call him Dinner!  And a couple of horses!  And a llama!” (admittedly, the llama would be cool.  As would an alpaca.  But that is beside the point).  A few good reasons why this would be an entirely impractical lifestyle choice?  Because it would be a lifestyle.  I barely have the time to drench myself in all the creative projects that are buzzing around inside my brain as it is – and I am pretty sure that having a farm involves a lot of work.   I love the city.  I also love to travel.  A farm does not really fit particularly well into either of these penchants.

Sorry to babble a bit, just needed to air those thoughts.  So, as much as this sweet little boy would love to be outdoors every day and get up close and personal with a range of animal-folk, he will have to suffice with just chickens for now.  And frequent trips to the zoo with his Oma.

{photos by me from our trip North in September 2009}