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Winter Beach

Cottesloe Beach in WinterCottesloe Beach in WinterIt’s been a chilly week here in Perth but we still found our way to the beach a couple of times. My new way to combat being slightly overwhelmed with children’s antics on the homefront is to get out of the house. It really does work wonders for one’s sanity. Nothing like a bit of sea and salt to cleanse the mind.

Cottesloe Beach in Winter

Sea sponge collection

Cottesloe Beach in Winter




Family Holidays in the Australian Bush

Family Holidays in the Australian Bush

One must love family with rural properties.  The {recently purchased} property is 116 acres of scrubby bushland situated a couple of hours drive from our home.  This being our fourth visit in as many months, one would have to assume that it is a winner with our {very extended} family.  Recent additions include two lambs, two peacocks and 25 guinea fowl.  The llamas are on their way.

Ruben was quite taken with the lambs; his gentle side can be so sweet to witness.  Which contrasts nicely to the hours he spent with a friend and his cousins, armed with a toy chainsaw, attempting to cut down trees.


Summer ’12

Welcome back.
(is that directed at me or you?  probably me.  *pat on the back*.  I am going to try and be a tad more regular this year.)
A couple of weeks ago we headed south to our favourite camping spot.   It was a beautiful week.

And yes, in case you noticed; that is not my normal waistline.  Baby #2 (/5) is due in 7 weeks.
2012 is to be a year of new beginnings…

And there are so many things I want to accomplish.

Start surfing (this holiday definitely urged that desire along… Margaret River is a good spot for that).
Actually pick up and learn to tinker on the ukulele that has been gathering dust since purchased on a whim.
Write more.
Sew more.
Take more photos.
And remember to enjoy and savour every day.


“Camping” Summer Style


Ok, so not really camping camping.

We left the tent(/s) behind this adventure – choosing instead lightness and freedom (from a trailer), spoiling ourselves with a cedar wood cabin…  Does it count as camping if you have to use the campground bathrooms? Suuure it does.

It was simple, comfortable and ~ relatively ~ peaceful. 
Well, as peaceful as you can get with 5 kids.
All up, it was very, very pleasant. 

I feel so balanced when I’m close to the ocean.  Especially when I am in the ocean.  Which I was. Quite a bit. 


Sunday was Beach Day

One of the highlights of living in this little city is the weather. It’s the middle of winter and yet Bean can still run around on the beach barefoot. Gotta love that.

This is our favourite bit of the (city) coastline and it is such a pleasure to see our child find so much joy on these shores. Collecting shells and poking at seaweed provides endless hours of fascination. Just beautiful.


rain rain stay and play

It is a beautiful autumn day.  It’s raining!  Such an occurrence feels so unusual after a summer here.  In a city that boasts “300 days of sunshine a year”, suddenly everyone is relishing being able to wear layers and carry umbrellas. Love it.

I think the colder seasons require bursts of colour.  I love the bright blooms by emersonmade. The cooler seasons always require a burst of colour. I can picture a number of outfits that could do with a dose of cheerful, flowery goodness.

And I love a good umbrella.


a Coop and a Hills Hoist

From here on in I am going to aim at making this space a little more personally focused.  Rather than just covering what design and style ideas I like I am going to attempt to weave in more personal stuff, some insight into who I am and what makes up my world. All comments happily received.

Ok, as promised some time ago, here are a few photos of our backyard.

The homemade chicken coop – excellent work by Mo, created using mostly random objects that were sitting haphazardly behind the shed when we moved in…

Bean is very excited whenever he is allowed to feed them, delicately balancing the cup of pellets over to them – then dumping it on their heads.    Another favourite task is fetching the eggs – he is ever so careful carying them back to the house. Four chickens = four eggs a day.  Yum yum.

Ah, little kids and animals. So sweet.

Bean splashing about in his pools beneath the lemon tree. The coop is at the back of the shed, behind the motorbike you can just make out.  The Hills Hoist is another favourite feature – haven’t had one of them since I was a kid.  Very handy.

So that’s a little of our backyard…

Oh, and I updated an older post with a photo – if you wanted to see how our outdoor cinema turned out, head here.