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Life & Art

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe days roll by and I find myself amidst a swarm of fresh ideas.

Why do I blog? Why is it sometimes so very difficult to get around to putting thoughts to keyboard? Perhaps it’s just because I have lost my way, so to speak. Maybe it’s time for a new look, a new direction and an opportunity to rethink why I do, what I do.

So there’s going to be more about me, and what I think and feel, on topics that I find most compelling, intriguing or inspiring. I want to share my thoughts on everything from education, consumerism and sustainability to habits and organisation.

But most of all, I want it to be a celebration – relishing the beauty in the everyday, with a focus on daily adventures.

People say that your key theme in any endeavour should be able to be understood by someone within 1 minute when you shout out across a crowded room. That’s a lot of focus, so here goes…

I want to write about Life and Art. Living life and breathing art.

I hope you like it.

Please do feel free to comment – all feedback happily received.

Warm Regards




Felty so Good

random love with craft supplies

I have a mild obsession with these things.  What is it about them that makes me happy?

I just know that felt balls make me want to do a little happy dance, wearing pajamas with a belly full of hot chocolate.
They make me feel the kind of happy that makes you smile at strangers.
They make me want to live in a cardboard box house like this one.
And gaze at a mobile like this.
These felt balls make me feel that joy that absorbs you when brainstorming your child’s birthday present. Side note: guinea pig this year for his fourth? Hmmmn…

Anyway; that kind of happy, no?

I vote felt balls make good pets.


List Lovin’

Things about me.

1.  Getting a tattoo didn’t freak me out anywhere near as much as having an
injection does.

2.  I always notice people’s shoes.

3.  Camping was great as a kid, painful during my late teens/early twenties and now
I am back in love with it again.

4.  I prefer op-shops to shopping malls.

5.  I don’t watch television (except occasionally on DVD).

6.  My normal speaking voice is at just the right pitch to be drowned out in any noisy environment.

7.  I am a planner but rarely manage to complete my lists.

8.  I love double-salted licorice. Especially licorice powder.

9.  My sense of smell is quite strong and decisive. I tend to find this more a burden than an asset.

10. My wedding took me around two phone calls and a few emails to prepare for and it
was perfect. (My husband organised the honeymoon, which took a little more effort. That also turned out perfectly.)

11. I have a soft spot for kawaii.


Hello My Pretty

It all started with a glance. Then a prolonged look. And a little feel.  I turned away, walked halfway out of the shop… And before my brain knew what my feet were doing I was back in front of it. Emerald Green. What a spectacular colour. Then, all of a sudden, it was on lay-by.
Now, how to pay for it… Hmmm…

eBay buyer – yes, of course. But eBay seller?  Hmmm… OK!
I had made a vague attempt at rekindling my childhood by asking for a Nintendo DSi for Christmas. Strangely, Mario just wasn’t as exciting as he used to be, and Mr Christmas Present sat neglected for the past few months. Until just recently, when I opted to trade him in. A week later and the deal was done and today I toddled down the road and collected it. Oh hello my pretty. Yes, time to come home.

Isn’t it silly how good a new bag can make you feel?

{image credit – not sure, sorry!}


Lusting Red and Green

Lustrous red, luminous green, plum purple… This movie has the most beautiful colour scheme.  It reminds me of Amelie (looove that film) but Penelope wins in the costume department. And she has crazy cool terrariums. And a swing in her bedroom.

What it lacks in clever dialogue it makes up for in style.  Love the effect of the fading wall colours as she gets older…  How did I miss this movie release up until now?! I can’t even remember who to credit – traipsing through blogland last week and some lovely lady was coveting her green shoes… and I completely understand why.


Part Precious Metal, Part Pirate

I have a confession. I splurged.  But only a little. I bought a new book on our date night on Tuesday. We went to our favourite bookstore and spent more time apart than together. (Our preferred genres are not really in the same realm). Which was fine, being as we were both immersed in our own little bits of heaven… (Visiting a bookstore is a far more enjoyable an experience sans toddler!). We were going to get coffee afterwards but given I blew our (non-existent) budget we just headed home. Which was fine, as I had in my clutches the extraordinarily beautiful book that I have been coveting for ages. No take-away and a few budget cuts this week, but oh my. Definitely worth it. Love that Sibella can make you think creatively with what you already have in your possession.  Re-purpose, re-evaluate and to absorb inspiration from everything. I can work with that…

Designer interior land here I come.

(a mosquito net as backdrop? theatrical, warm and oh so medieval charming)

Red Wool

A new hobby.  Inspired by Anna, I learnt how to knit and rustled up a scarf for Bean. Almost done. And still {just} in time for the coldest part of winter.

Found it to be a very meditative task. Quite pleasant indeed. Started scarf #2 – am going to pop it in the post once it’s done. Always nice to receive handmade things in the mail, isn’t it? Especially when it’s for a baby.